Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Surprisingly enough it was only Sunday when I posted last...to tell you the truth it seems like Sunday was at least a week ago! But, just so everyone knows, according to the by-laws of ASISU and the rules decided on by the ASISU Election Board, all campaign materials have to be down by 11:59 tonight and candidates can no longer actively campaign. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Beginning tomorrow, ISU students will cast their votes online for the president, vice president, and senators as well as one amendment to the by-laws regarding the hiring of ASISU Supreme Court justices. Let me just say I'm thrilled to be done campaigning though it will be a long couple days until the winners are announced.

I can't do the math, so I can't tell you what my chances are of winning, but I think if sucker distribution, signage, and overall political energy count, I should be in the clear. Winners will be announced Friday after 6pm when the polls close. I'm headed to the Frank Church event in Boise for the weekend, but plan on taking the laptop so I'll post some results when I get them.

Anyway, this really was a Valentine's message...I seem to be having trouble remembering that it is Valentine's Day. Couldn't possibly be the fact that I was wandering around campus gathering signs until just before 10:00 while my flowers sat patiently waiting for me at home!

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