Saturday, February 25, 2006

Music & Morning Reminder to Attend People & Politics

Update: I did my weekend ritual of looking at Postsecret today (Sunday) and I about died laughing. There was a postcard where someone won't stomp on cockroaches because they're afraid it might be "poor Gregor Samsa," which seriously left me laughing for a good twenty minutes and then I had to laugh at myself because one postcard said "I think I love you," and I busted out singing the David Cassidy (or is it really the Partridge Family?) song. Non-political, I know, but it was hilarious.

The last few days have been slightly draining on any sort of positive political motivation I may have had. This morning I just wanted to make two music recommendations...

Last year I posted on the 47th Annual Grammy Awards and if I remember correctly I was raving about Melissa Etheridge's performance of the Janis Joplin classic, "Piece of My Heart." Well, just this week I received a live audio recording of that performance and thanks to the technical assistance of Ian over at 43rd State Blues, got it burned to a CD that I have now listened to about fifty billion times. Even a year later, knowing that she survived cancer and has since released a new album, that performance gives me goosebumps. I seriously can't quit listening to it!

So, if any of you have the opportunity to get your own copy of that performance, do it. It's amazing!

And my second recommendation, or actually just a 'I finally got around to listening to it' comment, I have my very own copy now of the All American Rejects single "Dirty Little Secret." For those of you who occasionally read Postsecret, you'll understand why this was something I needed to do. I had heard that the music video for this song incorporated the postcards sent in over at that blog, but had neither seen the video or heard the song. So now I have it and am quite impressed by it. I wasn't a fan of All American Rejects previously, but they're growing on me.

That's about it this morning. If you're in Pocatello please come to People and Politics (previously known as Pizza and Politics or even before that Coffee and Politics, it's had so many names we might as well just give it a symbol!) at Michelle's City Lights on Main at 10 a.m. Hope to see you there!

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