Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Romero Announces Candidacy

Today at noon on the steps of the Pond Student Union Building at Idaho State University, Dan Romero, a Canyon County resident, announced he will seek the office of Lt. Governor. I, of course, was quickly on board when news of yet another great Democrat in Idaho was willing to run, but now I am in total support of Dan as I know his views on education.

I sat next to Dan at our Rally for Education following Dan's announcement and was quite impressed with his humility. I'll have more on the Rally later today.

To read more about Dan, the Idaho Democratic Party has a breif press release regarding Dan's candidacy at their website.

Dan Romero on the Student Union steps at Idaho State University
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Good luck, Dan!


Jessica said...

I think he is my favorite candidate right now.

Nick Speth said...

I sympathize with your education situation up there. We've got the same problem. Utah has a massive budget surplus, but they're actually considering cutting education spending. Figure that one out.