Thursday, February 9, 2006

The Small and Simple Things

Above my computer hangs a bulletin board that has traveled with me through my entire college career. Occasionally, like everything else in the house, it gets rearranged. Tonight as I plow through an enormous stack of research, homework, and reading, I am noticing that my bulletin board has remained fairly consistent in the last several months.

It's about the only thing in my life that has remained consistent lately.

My bulletin board is graced with several pictures of men that I admire, instill in me motivation, and men who have over time become a large part of who I am. The most recent addition is a flyer from the Jim Hansen campaign. I really admire Jim and know that Idaho would be well served with him in Congress. With Jim are photos of Robert Frost, William Faulkner, and Carl Sandburg. The picture of Sandburg I find particularly inspiring as he analyzes a bust of Abraham Lincoln. And most importantly on my bulletin board are several photos of this amazing young man who calls me "Sis."

When I sit at my computer desk it is hard not to be inspired to do extraordinary work.

Adding to the presence of brilliant men are several other small tokens representative of where this board has been. There's a map of Spain, not because I have been there, but because I like to keep track of where one of my dear friends has been. There is a bookmark with a stunning photo of Crater Lake. The John Kerry sticker I wore to the Caucus February of 2004 resides next to the "I Voted" sticker I received when I voted in my first presidential election. I have a poem by Elizabeth Kidd that was published in Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul, a sticker insinuating that I may be anything but normal, a small picture of the Thomas Hughes Library, a picture I took of Dealey Plaza, a Spiderman pin I believe was given to me by my friend Angela, and a rather serious quote from Robert F. Kennedy that was included on this year's invitations to the United Vision for Idaho dinner.

One small phrase on the board says volumes: "There is nothing permanent except change." --Heraclitus.

Next to my bulletin board is a whiteboard sporting a list of the 27 amendments to the United States Constitution, a couple of URLs, and a quote by Morgan Freeman. Also listed are the office hours of one of my professors and the time of Richard Stallings' Idaho Politics class in case I didn't get enough the two semesters I took the course and want to go back.

Always and forever gracing the bulletin board is a Kennedy/Johnson bumper sticker that means the world to me as well as a Kennedy pin from RFK's fateful bid for the presidency.

Right now in my life it is merely the small and simple things that are giving me strength and motivation. It is tons of work running a campaign, even if only for student government. And it is exhausting having days where I have nothing political to say. I apologize for my absence from political rants and historical perspectives. When all this is over, I promise I'll write something that is not only worth the time to read it, but also worth the time it lingers on your mind.


Angela said...

I'm glad you still have that spiderman's awesome!!

Tara A. Rowe said...

I love it! I was looking at it and had forgotten that you had given it to me. Thanks, Angie!