Monday, February 6, 2006

Yet Another "Not In the Game" Day

The only truly political thing I have had to say today I posted over at Students for Grant...

I could tell you that Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow are splitsville--but that would only be funny to my closest friends who will for the rest of my life somehow link me to a very random comment I once made about Sheryl Crow.

I guess I could say my back still hurts and I HATE cranberry juice. Or I could mention that Betty Friedan passed away, but honestly, The Feminine Mystique baffles me.

And I really did have responses to post on my article about assisted living, but I can't right now. My head isn't in that game. So let's just say maybe tomorrow that will happen, or maybe not. I'm not making any promises to myself right now, why would I make any to the world wide web??

Check out Students for Grant and I'll get you a real post whenever I get around to it.

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