Wednesday, March 1, 2006

300 Posts...300 Reasons to Continue

Unlike my acknowledgement of the 200-post mark, today as The Political Game reaches the 300-entries mark, I thought I would take a moment to review some of the lessons I have learned since August 4, 2004 when this all began.

This evening I was on the phone with a young man whom I love and respect more than anyone I have ever met and he told me that you fight the battles that are worth fighting, not always the battles that can be won. Since the beginning of The Political Game I have fought battle upon battle, some that were 1) never mine to fight or, 2) pointless. I have put off battles that I should have been first in line for. There are of course battles I regret, battles I wish I would have approached differently, and battles I should have taken head-on. There are things I wish I would have approached, things I wish I would have pursued, things I should have for every reason said. There were fights I should have realized were neither my problem, nor my responsibility to win. There are fights that, though now over, remain in my memory as moments of either tremendous personal strength or incredible stupidity. My memory is both a blessing and a curse, an ever present running total of my successes and failures.

Just as easily as I can say I wish the battles that came my way were in a different shape or form, I can easily say I know that the battles that are ours come our way for a purpose. I know that the battles I have fought throughout my time here at The Political Game have only reaffirmed for me who I am, what I am and am not capable of, and who I want more than anything to be. There were those posts that illustrated a change in the entire direction my life was taking, posts that reflected my complete love and appreciation for history, and posts that have clearly proven that at times I can be just as random and far removed from politics as possible.

Through this medium I have announced my candidacy for the ASISU Senate, as well as my win. I informed the world of my declared major -- History. In this medium I dealt with the news of Deep Throat's identity, the death of William Rehnquist, and the Schiavo case. It has always been here that I post my favorite song lyrics, plug the newest books I've read, and it will always be here and only here that I tell you what's in my CD player.

Today as I look back over what I've learned and how I've changed over the course of the last 300 posts, I realize there are still a great number of things I want to accomplish. Today I don't just want to know everything Kennedy, I want to be Kennedy's Sandburg. Today I don't just want to be a student, I want to be a great student. I don't want to be one of those kids that walks into a classroom and leaves no impression whatsoever on the instructor. Today I don't want to be just another blogger, I want to be the blogger that is yes, "JFK-centric", posts on The West Wing episodes, and values more than anything a well-written This Day in History post. I want to blog with the best of them, with amazing individuals like Julie, Steve, and Chris, even on days when I can't seem to formulate anything political to say. Today it isn't about pride, strength, weakness, or stubbornness, today is all about fighting the battle that is worth fighting. And for me no matter how many irate emails I get regarding the blog or how many posts I receive no comments on, the battle is worth it.

I have often wondered since that completely discouraged post announcing, at the 200 mark, that I was giving up the blog, how I kept going. Tonight as I think of my great friends who I rely on, my fellow bloggers who I admire and respect, and the wisdom of one young man who knows me better than any other person on the face of the planet, I realize that me still being here is a credit to the entire group of us.

Thank you all for sticking with me and sharing with me this wonderful opportunity.


Serephin said...

"Now there's a right broad."
-- Big Jule, Guys & Dolls

...sez it all for me. :)

Tara A. Rowe said...

Ha. Thanks, Serephin!