Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Honorable Elmer Martinez

Each of the Bannock Six have had an enormous impact on my life. And yes, I still refer to them as the Bannock Six, even though now there are only 5 Democratic legislators out of Bannock County. In my mind Allen Andersen remains just as essential to Democratic politics in this area as he did while he was serving in the legislature. From Elaine and Donna to Bert, Allen, and Edgar, they have been shining examples for me and most recently the most shining example for me has been Representative Elmer Martinez.

Several months ago while filming our Bannock County Democrats Show, Allen and I invited Elaine Smith and Elmer Martinez on the show to discuss the upcoming legislative session and the issues they felt they would be facing. Elmer said something on that show that he has repeated to me since, that has been the driving force behind several of my "crusades" lately. He said that you have to get the discussion started to get the issues rolling.

Counting how many times that has echoed in my mind as I've undertaken a particular task is impossible. Something so simple from such a humble and admirable state representative has been a motto of mine for the last several months and will continue to be a driving force in the decisions I make regarding issues I feel deeply about.

Today in the Idaho State Journal, it has been announced that Elmer will not seek re-election. I heard about this yesterday, but was out of town and wanted to give it some time to sink in. I really admire Elmer for his decision and wish to personally thank him for his work, his dedication, and the for the shining example he has been for me.

James Ruchti, the current chairman of the Bannock County Democrats will run for Elmer's seat.

Thank you, Representative Martinez.

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