Friday, March 17, 2006

Risch NOT Running

The Idaho Statesman has a very odd article-- "check back for details."

No really, they got it together and have an article up that says in a press conference this morning Lt. Governor Jim Risch announced that he won't be running for the higher office and will continue his campaign for lt. gov. He will carry out the duties of Kempthorne if Kempthorne is in fact confirmed by the United States Senate to serve as Secretary of the Interior.

This is it, the last best hope for a serious Republican blood bath for that prestigious seat in Boise (that evidently leads to a cabinet seat in D.C.) and Risch isn't taking the chance. Is this Risch talking or the GOP?

Idaho History reminds us of Lt. Governor Arnold Williams who, after appointing Governor Charles Gossett to the United States Senate, became Governor and never could win the seat for himself. The road certainly isn't going to lead Mr. Risch to the Governor's mansion after January this way.

Larry Grant where's that big ole "House cleaning" broom you've been haulin' around? I'm going to hit Risch over the head with it!

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Jessica said...

This just sucks. I always enjoy seeing Republicans eat their own.