Sunday, March 5, 2006

Schedule, Announcements, and New to the Bulletin Board

The week prior to Spring Break is generally the craziest week of the entire Spring semester. I'm not sure if that will be the case this week or not, but in any event I felt I should post the schedule in case ya'll don't hear from me in a few days.

Tonight is the 78th Annual Academy Awards. I am a freak about awards shows! They could have an awards show for just about anything and I'd watch. I missed the Grammys this year so you can count on the fact that I'll be watching the Oscars tonight. For a list of the nominees and your own printable ballot, yep I have one, you can visit the Oscars homepage. I'd almost put money on Joaquin Phoenix winning best actor for Walk the Line not only because he did an amazing job of playing Johnny Cash (in what I felt was an overly long movie), but because we all know the Oscars are about the heart-strings and Phoenix's recent accident will play well with the voters. I wouldn't be surprised if Brokeback Mountain wins for both best picture and best director, though in both categories I'm pulling for Good Night, and Good Luck. And my last hope is that Batman Begins will take home an Oscar for best cinematography. It was the best Batman film I've seen since the Michael Keaton Batman and I loved it especially because my man Morg was in it. By the way, Morgan Freeman will be presenting as a winner from last year. Another one of those wins based on the heart-strings...You just can't snub an amazing and brilliant actor like Morg for too long before the Academy starts to feel bad for the guy!

Monday afternoon in the History Department library (LA 324), Dr. Benigna Zimba, head of the History Department of the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique, will present a preliminary version of a video about the way that the stories of the peoples in southeastern Africa have preserved records of the slave trade. "Slave Routes and Oral Tradition in Southeastern Africa: History in Images," I believe is open to history majors at Idaho State, but I'm sure if you show up at 4pm they won't turn you away. Dr. Zimba will also be presenting at 7pm Wednesday for International Women's Day in the Salmon River Suites of the Student Union.

Tuesday I have a test in my U.S. History class. It isn't technically a midterm. All my midterms were last week (with the exception of one online midterm that for some reason has been extended til after Spring Break) and this test frankly doesn't worry me. We're past the colonial period of U.S. History which is honestly where I'm the least knowledgeable. We're through the Revolution. I think I'm gonna be just fine. I was the only one in our group discussion last Tuesday who knew who Crispus Attucks was...I really wish my brain didn't remember such unimportant historical information!

Friday I am giving an argumentative speech against euthanasia. If anyone has any pointers or information for me I would greatly appreciate it. I didn't pick the topic, so I am not too gung-ho about it, but you do what ya gotta do.

By way of announcements, Better Than Ezra will be here March 31st at the Performing Arts Center. I will, along with other bloggers, be calling for question submissions for the candidate forum the College Democrats are sponsoring for Jim Hansen and Craig Cooper near the end of the month, and Tuesday I was appointed by Mayor Chase and confirmed by the Pocatello City Council to serve on the Historic Preservation Commission for the City of Pocatello. I'm pretty stoked--even though I didn't know this was happening until I watched this week's city council meeting on Channel 11 last night. I got 12 hours of sleep last night. And over at Students for Grant we have a new student writing. I'm really excited about this, so please check it out!

And last, but not least, last month I informed you all of my motivating bulletin board that hangs right above my computer desk-- today I added a few things to it. Added to the pictures of men who give me inspiration (Frost, Sandburg, Faulkner, and my younger brother) now hang the pictures of Tom Daschle and Rosa Parks. I used to have a picture of Ms. Parks sitting on that bus in Montgomery, I'm not really sure what happened to it, but most likely it got filed away as I rearranged the bulletin board months ago. Now I have a picture of Ms. Parks in her older years, an ever present reminder of what one voice or action can accomplish. The Tom Daschle picture really just makes me laugh--I am afterall a Daschle Democrat if there is such a thing. Hopefully over Spring Break I will have the opportunity to post my thoughts on a speech Daschle recently gave at the University of Iowa. I'm not sure if I will post that here or over at Students for Grant...even more reason for you all to check out a student's blog devoted to getting Larry Grant elected to Congress! Also added to the "I voted" and John Kerry stickers from the 2004 Presidential election are two new campaign stickers-- one Bert Marley for Superintendent of Public Instruction sticker and one Jim Hansen for Congress sticker.

That's all I've got for today. Watch the Oscars, volunteer on a campaign, any campaign, and HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


Jessica said...

“We believe that what matters most is not narrow appeals masquerading as values, but the shared values that show the true face of America; not narrow values that divide us, but the shared values that unite us: family, faith, hard work, opportunity and responsibility for all, so that every child, every adult, every parent, every worker in America has an equal shot at living up to their God-given potential. That is the American dream and the American value.”
John Kerry

Serephin said...

There is no Bannock County Democrats "People & Politics" on March 11th. I believe it has been incorporated with Bannock County Commissioner Larry Ghan's "Irish Re-election Kick-off Party" on Saturday, March 18th. It is still being held at Michelle's City Lights on Main Street in Old Town Pocatello.

It begins at 8:00 PM, and the cost is $20 per person. There will be Irish music by Rhunestone, and light finger food and beverages.

Alan said...

Congrats on the appointment to the Commission.

For your speech, I'd stay away from moral arguments. Easily refuted by asking whose morals will be the ones used. You might talk about procedure and practicalities. Is the decision voluntary only or could it be involuntary? Who gets to determine whether to off somebody; only the person? What if mentally incapable of deciding? Who then/ How do you ensure that the decision is safeguarded so that a greedy heir can't hurry the inheritance?

How do you protect the decision maker legally, in case someone comes along and sues them for offing Grandma?

Also, if the procedure goes awry the person could be left incapacitated and a ward of the state, draining welfare coffers, etc.

Certainly will have to have doctors involved, and this means they'd have to go against their sworn committment to preserve life.

That might give you a few ideas. Good luck with the speech.

Your blog has inspired me to start a blog. I have the one on my deployment, but I also decided to do one on Idaho politics. I'm not quite ready to start promoting it as I'm still working on the set up, but I have posted a few posts. It's at

Alan said...

BTW, I uploaded the previous post without thinking it through. If you don't like other blogs appearing in your blog, I will not be bothered if you delete the post or the last sentence. I should have asked first; sorry.

Serephin said...

Alan --

This weekend I read, and enjoyed very much, your military blog (followed your links from here at TPG). I've added it to our blogroll at 43SB.

I look forward to your future posts.

Jessica said...

Sorry for being a "moran," but the quote I posted should be a comment in the American Dream post.