Thursday, March 16, 2006

Secretary Kempthorne?

A year ago I wrote a post called "Shades of the Forties," never knowing that the events of today would unfold. Granted, my original post was hopeful of a Stennett for Governor race and predicted Crapo's exit, but nonetheless addressed the issue of what happens to Idaho when the governor resigns to take another post.

Well here it is, Governor Dirk Kempthorne will be leaving the governor's office to become the Secretary of the Interior. President Bush has nominated Kempthorne to the office being vacated by Gale Norton.

Kempthorne is on the top of most despicable Republicans. Come on a supposed environmentalist --or so is said of his Experience Idaho proposal--who used to work for FMC? And he beat Stallings in 1992, see where I'm going with that one?

There are two things about this nomination that bother me-- First, is anyone else irritated that Dirk Kempthorne, someone please hold his eyebrow down, is going to go down in history as doing something that was already done and done right the first time? Please Mr. Kempthorne don't forget that you are the second not first Idahoan to serve in the president's cabinet. And in no way, shape, or form are you comparable to the first. Cece, because of your brilliance, service, and dedication I am irritated today. Second, is anyone scared to death that soon-to-be Governor Risch will appoint Bruce Newcomb to be the new lieutenant governor?

Having just read file after file on Hulls Gulch in former Congressman Richard Stallings' papers, I just can't believe Kempthorne's headed back to Washington. The only thing I see positive in this situation is that we may now have Risch running for governor, paving the way for the future governor of Idaho, Jerry Brady.

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