Saturday, March 18, 2006

Smorgasbord Saturday

Update: 11:42p.m., It's the bottom of the 9th and Japan is up 6-0. Looks like Ichiro and team Japan will be headed to the World Baseball Classic Final. I would have liked to see Hee-Seop Chio and the errorless team Korea in the final, but I get Cuba, what more could I ask for? Catch the Cubans Monday night at 9pm (Eastern) on ESPN.

Here it is Saturday of Spring Break and I am still wrapping up the loose ends of the first draft of my research paper on Stallings. Come to think of it, this has been the most nerdy Spring Break for me yet...but hey, I still have one more Spring Break to try and top it, right?

Despite the very political happenings in this state right now, I've taken a break from it all. Today I didn't look at the Idaho Secretary of State's website once. Hooray! Well, I can't really say I've taken a break from it all, just the recent happenings. Today I did spend a great deal of time watching Stallings' campaign commercials. Geez, I need to get a life!

Last night I went and saw V for Vendetta. It wasn't my favorite, certainly not as enjoyable as Failure to Launch the week before, but it was interesting. V centers, well sort of, around one of my favorite Dumas novels, so it was cool...Just not my favorite, a little too bloody maybe. And also this week, one of the days I was sick with the flu and couldn't do much else but watch movies, I caught Good Night, and Good Luck. If you haven't already seen it, PLEASE do. It is amazing. I might even buy it, I liked it that much. I saw it once in the theater and watched it two or three times while I was sick. It's simply brilliant. And the dude from Sneakers is in it and let's just admit it, George Clooney is the man!

So, I now have a 200 disc stereo system. It's a long story really and don't worry, I didn't spend the rest of my life savings since my shopping spree earlier in the week. I am a music freak. I can't even sugarcoat it. I'm obsessed. Needless to say this is a great new addition to my apartment and one I am very excited about! It has six speakers, don't ask me any technical questions it took FOREVER to hook up, and can be hooked up to the TV and DVD player for surround sound. At the moment I just have the CD function lined out mostly because I have far more important things to be doing, but eventually I could have quite the setup. I know you're wondering why I even felt this was blog-worthy, but if you understand my CD collection you would be just as excited. I have a bazillion CDs and with just a 1-disc player and then the CD player in the car, I never get around to listening to all the CDs I have. This way I can just put it on shuffle and have a much better chance of listening to all of the CDs I own, rather than just a few that seem to never make it back into the CD ooks. former CD player, which is still very functional, has migrated into the kitchen in the event that I don't want to listen to the new system, which I can easily hear in the kitchen anyway, I still have the option of using that old Memorex player that I am quite attached to.

Something I wanted to mention, but never got the chance to Thursday night or at all yesterday was the World Baseball Classic. The U.S. team is out, if anyone didn't know that, which honestly I find pretty funny, though the team did wisely choose Francoeur and Chipper this time around, yet what did they really expect to get out of Clemens? You'll never believe who has a damn fine chance of winning the Classic...Cuba. Yeah, Cuba. In your face President Bush and whatever remaining Americans still think sanctions on Cuba are accomplishing anything. Cuba will be in the final and they will play the winner of the Japan/Korea matchup. In ESPN Magazine this week, there is a two page spread of one of the Cuban players diving for a ball. I just might frame it. I was mad when Cuba was told they couldn't play in the Classic and stoked when I learned they were going to play. Now all I can say is if Cuba wins the Classic I may just name my first born Gourriel.

Well, that was far more information that y'all wanted and far more than I had planned on sharing, but it is afterall the Saturday following the filing deadline, a weird and unusually nerdy Spring Break, and my political brain is worn out!

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