Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring Break

Does anyone watch Boston Legal? I caught it tonight, mostly because it is Spring Break and as I was rearranging the apartment I needed something to watch...BUT it was an awesome episode! Melissa, I believe that is her name, was on trial for tax evasion based on her disappointment with America -- James Spader gave a moving closing argument on the unbelievable screw-ups of the current Administration and how the American people have sat idly by. Not only did he hit on each of the major executive power questions, he quoted Adlai Stevenson! He quoted: "It is often easier to fight for principles than to live up to them." I'm a new Boston Legal fan tonight!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I have taken on quite the project in the Special Collections department of the ISU Library working in Richard Stallings' congressional papers. For Spring Break I am spending my time at the library wrapping up loose ends and writing an enormous paper...nerdy, I know.

Every spring I say I'm going to do something exciting for Spring Break, but I never do. I would have gone to Boston in a heart beat had there been any openings for the conference on Vietnam and the Presidency.

I did go out of town yesterday, but only to attend to personal health matters. Nothing exciting, though I now own my very own copy of Leaves of Grass by Whitman and picked up a copy of A Room With a View by E.M. Forster. I also picked up a new television. I have used the same 13" television since I was twelve. It's about time I upgrade! And now, instead of having to locate a larger television at 4:30 when Jeopardy! comes on, I can watch my favorite program in my own apartment on my very own 27" TV and actually be able to read the questions! Two new books, a relatively new TV, and don't worry, my shopping spree doesn't end there...I bought new socks and this morning I bought two new tires at Big O. You'd think I had won the lottery or something!

As far as plans for the rest of Spring Break-- tomorrow is my first meeting with the Historic Preservation Commission. I'm slightly nervous, but excited. I'm going to watch Million Dollar Baby again to see if I take out the assisted-suicide aspect if I'll like the movie any better...it is Morg after all. For Saint Patrick's Day I'll be having dinner with my frequent Friday night, or any other night of the week, cohort and his family and then Saturday I'm NOT going to the rodeo.

And Sunday I'll be watching another new episode of The West Wing and I'm sure I will still be writing my paper...

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