Sunday, March 19, 2006

Two Weeks Out (TWW)

Several U.S. presidents have suffered from arthritis. Eisenhower had it, Reagan, and Herbert Hoover had a condition that would often leave his hand too swollen to even write with it for weeks at a time. Just because Vinick's hand is mangled and he can't shake hands doesn't mean the Vinick campaign is done. Hey, President McKinley was killed by a man who, when attempting to shake his hand, had a gun wrapped in what appeared to be a wounded hand. Not shaking hands could be a good thing.

A missing briefcase-- not a good thing. And I really don't like Bruno. I never have. Not when he came into the Bartlet campaign to deal with the MS, not when he gave Margaret the stupid necklace, and not when he started on the Vinick campaign. He's not a very nice man. But then again politics isn't a very nice game. Bruno stole the briefcase. Okay, he didn't steal the briefcase, he found the briefcase. And Vinick didn't want anything to do with the briefcase until everything about that briefcase could place him in the Oval Office. The political game, is a nasty, cruel game. Who keeps a checkbook, wallet, and personal journal in a briefcase? I have a checkbook, no wallet or personal journal, but if I did have all three of those things I wouldn't keep them in a briefcase that I carried around with me everyday everywhere I went. Only paranoid people keep those sorts of things at their side. I don't even take my checkbook with me when I leave the house. I guess the question isn't really about Santos' checkbook, it's about the fact that it's only in his name, without his wife, and he writes only one check a month to a woman with a child that may or may not be his. Not a good thing, just ask Mr. Kempthorne.

But you know what cracks me up? Anita Morales, the woman in question, was the girlfriend of Matt Santos' brother. Why in politics do we always assume the worst? We all automatically assumed this meant Santos had a girlfriend and child somewhere that his wife nor the country knew anything about. Why don't we ever give politicians the benefit of the doubt?

The last few episodes are still ahead. And Bon Jovi will be on next week. Doesn't get much better than that!

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