Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Welcome To Wherever This Is

Caspar Weinberger died today. Why am I mentioning this on a liberal blog? Because for the last several days I have been completely disillusioned with this blog. I am so tired of it being labeled strictly a "liberal" blog when it is to me, so much more. This is the place where I can say Caspar Weinberger died and without some immense amount of liberal cynicism. I can say that the former Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, Director of the Office of Management and Budget and Secretary of both the old Department of Health, Education and Welfare and Department of Defense died today for the sake of history, not simply for the sake of politics.

I set myself up for this. I titled my blog "The Political Game" and should have expected that the politics would come quickly and without hesitation. But the title is essentially more about history than it is about politics. The title does afterall refer to one of my favorite quotes from President Kennedy and refers to a period of history that holds a special place in my heart. It refers to chess, President Bartlet on The West Wing, and so much more.

Blogging is an enormous responsibility at times. I have to be factual at times, calm at times, and there are times I have to stifle my liberal anger. There are days when I can't post the meaningless song lyrics I would like to and there are days when I can only post on strictly news-related matters for fear of divulging far too much information about my personal life. Blogging is an attempt at juggling, when I don't know how to juggle. It is a responsibility that I don't often have time for. It is an aspect of my life that I once wanted to quit and recently have thought countless times about quitting. This blog has been an outlet so many times and yet today, even with the death of Caspar Weinberger, a topic I couldn't even begin to discuss with my 20-year old college friends, it is a great irritation. I get irritated with myself, irritated with a lack of comments, and irritated with the routine of it all.

Sunday night I couldn't explain how much I love Leo and hate to see him leave The West Wing even though I know it has to happen and how much I admire CJ because she is a beautifully brilliant woman with an amazing job. I couldn't go into detail why I think I am the most like Toby. An episode of my favorite show and I didn't dare touch it. There is something missing these days and so if I was going anywhere with this it was to the place where I tell you all that I need a break.


Diana Rowe Pauls said...

Dear Tara,
My opinion:
This is YOUR blog and you should post whatever you want and whatever your thoughts and feelings are. You do not have an obligation to "entertain", or impress your readers. I would hate to think that we, as your readers, expect you to only share the opinions we have. I would hate to think that we are so close-minded that we are unable to respect others. I thought that one of the main points of democracy was respecting the differences of others. If you are posting on a topic that I don't relate to, then I don't have to read it. I can come back later. Nobody has the right to criticize you for your opinions and interests. You have opened doors for me that I probably never would have even noticed, and I've become a better person for it. If I expected you to only report what I'm already comfortable with, then that wouldn't have happened. I have appreciated the opportunity to get to know you via your blog with your postings which address non-liberal/political topics.

Don't be discouraged... you have a calling and I hope that you are able to continue enlightening me and showing me how others see things.

Bubblehead said...

I also enjoy checking up on your thoughts... even if I don't agree with your politics. You're doing fine -- keep the faith!

Hephaestus said...

Ms. Rowe,

Keep the faith. Blogging may be a great responsibility but your writing brings news and information to those of us who would be much worse off without it. As for the lack of comments I am sorry about that. I for one am not the wordsmith you are and feel a little inadequate posting anything near your writing.
I would just like to comment on some of my favorite posts of yours. January 28th your courage is remarkable. January 30th your service to the community should be applauded. January 31st Remember SOTU. February 2nd just reread the fifth paragraph. February 20th you look to them, they certainly look to you. March 1st remember how you felt and what you said. March 07th I loved the lesson on blogging etiquette. March 16th I too hate Wal-mart, but for entirely different reasons.
Tara, the worst thing you can do is pigeonhole yourself and be “just” liberal, or “just” conservative. You should be “Just” Yourself. Write what you feel we’ll all still be here. I promise.
A good friend of yours believes that Keats wrote the only worthy piece of poetry when he penned, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, —that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”