Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Last Hurrah (TWW)

From the first time I watched The West Wing until now, I have loved every minute of it. The writers are fabulous and know just what to say to draw me in. Tonight I was especially pleased to hear Senator Vinick mention Adlai's two shots at the presidency. I was somewhat disappointed knowing that Vinick on the show is 70 (Alan Alda is 70 in real life as well) and they were comparing the Senator to Adlai Stevenson in age...Adlai was 52 and then 56 when he ran for the presidency. Nowhere comparable to a 70 year old candidate.

Throughout the week I thought about the merits of having Senator Vinick on board as Vice President--let me remind you all that I wholeheartedly support Josh Lyman for the position--and never really could support it, but tonight when Santos offered him the Secretary of State position, that was something I could support. Not that the TV world really needs my support, but hey, it is the only show I watch on a regular basis so I am the viewer they've been targeting all this time.

The American Presidency is an amazing creation; just as amazing is the Presidential cabinet. If you look at various administrations, there is solid proof that presidents don't always nominate strong party loyals to those positions. Take for instance the Kennedy administration--John Kennedy appointed brilliant minds, not necessarily personalities he got along well with or ideologies he respected. This was clearly evident in his disagreement with the military leadership. Another example of a president going head-to-head with his advisors, secretaries, or generals is that of Harry S. Truman and Douglas MacArthur.

The president does not have to agree completely with his advisors or vice-versa, this is how we have in history created strong policy both on the domestic level and overseas. Bringing Arnie Vinick in as Secretary of State may be one of the greatest decisions President-Elect Santos will make.

I am impressed that the Santos' are considering a public school for their children. Why not? And even in D.C.

The closer we get to the end of this phenomenal series the more I wish I would have been on board from the beginning. I came in during last season and then went back and watched the previous seasons. But then again, had I been on board from the beginning I can't imagine how attached I would be at this point. I already talk about these characters as if I know them personally!

Two more episodes. Don't miss them.

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