Saturday, April 8, 2006

Smorgasbord Saturday

When you get an email from a reader, my favorite reader no less, saying she's tired of reading about Caspar you have to admit it is time to return from an almost two-week hiatus.

First, I'll remind you all that tonight is the 2nd Congressional District Candidate Forum for Craig Cooper and Jim Hansen sponsored by the ISU College Democrats. Please be there. The forum will begin at 7pm, with Lin Whitworth as moderator, in the Salmon River Suites of the Pond Student Union Building at Idaho State University.

Let me just say, it is a beautiful day in P-Town. And not just because I get to be political today. I did attend People & Politics this morning at Michelle's City Lights and I do get to be involved with the forum this evening, but really I'm merely speaking about the weather. When I left the house bright and early this morning to sit in on some interviews at ISU, I was concerned that maybe it would rain, but it has turned out to be absolutely wonderful. I got home from P&P (not to be confused with my least favorite book on the planet Pride & Prejudice) and went out and played some basketball. That wasn't necessarily as wonderful as the weather. Just because I am 5'10" without shoes on doesn't mean I actually have any basketball skills. There are reasons I was a damn fine baseball player. I got to stay in one place, most of the time. If in basketball I could stay in one place and be judged strictly on accuracy, I'd say I'm not half-bad, but once there is any sort of dribbling or running involved, we have a problem. My coordination leaves something to be desired.

I never gave proper credit to the beauty of Welcome to Wherever You Are or Election Day. I must say the last several episodes of The West Wing, though strong to a certain point, have not been as enchanting as previous episodes from this season or other seasons. Last week's episode was, well, irritating. We faithful viewers have always known there has been a "Josh and Donna" even though Josh and Donna may not have known. But just as we knew that there had to be a "Mulder and Scully" in the end, we didn't necessarily want to have all the details laid out in front of us. In a recent Slate article, I found it disappointing how intrigued viewers are with the hooking up part of the show. I for one was not at all intrigued by the Josh/Donna dynamic (well let's say it wasn't one of the pulls that got me to watch every week). There are so many finer points of TWW, why waste great political thought on soap opera material? Election Day was truly one of the most poorly written episodes of the show that I can remember. The strongest aspect of the entire episode was Charlie's consistent urging of CJ to look at job applications. His motives? He wants to continue to work with her. The relationship between CJ and Charlie has been one I have always marveled at. He completely respects and admires her and as a mentor figure, she has guided him through the time of the administration into a place where he really fits and finds prominence. Welcome to Wherever You Are however was not poorly written. From the entrance of Kristin Chenoweth singing in that amazing Broadway-like voice to the "you think we're gonna win?" conversation between Santos and Josh, you had to be amazed by the ingenuity. There is one thing about The West Wing that never stops amazing me and that is the writer's sense and inclusion of history. When Toby was face-to-face with the U.S. Attorney and was explaining to him why indicting him for obstruction of justice could potentially derail a presidential election, he quoted one of history's greatest judicial minds, Justice Robert Jackson by saying "you can also afford to be just." Those are the moments in this show that keep me watching. Those are the moments that remind me, though nearing an end, this show will continue on with me because of the things it has taught me historically. The writers have never hesitated to throw in those historical tidbits that love to store themselves permanently in my brain.

We're getting down to the wire with the remaining episodes of this awesome series. We have a beloved chief-of-staff to bury and a new president to elect. More of the Foo Fighters, even. Should be a great wrap-up.

Last night when I couldn't get to sleep I flipped on TBS and caught the last few innings of the Braves/Giants game. I am a diehard Braves fan. I found it particularly fitting that on the anniversary of his 1978 managerial debut with the Braves, Bobby Cox was ejected from the ballgame. Rising to fight the fight of Andruw Jones, Bobby got thrown right out of the game. It was a horribly long and wet game in San Francisco last night, but my Braves were victorious. Even in rain they aren't too shabby. But keep in mind this is coming from someone who would like two goldfish so she can name them Chipper and Andruw...

Is anyone else as disgusted with the Dan Adamson for Governor signs popping up all over hell and creation? Last night on the drive to Malad for a wedding reception I spotted a few and saw even more today as I was driving through town. One guy out by the interstate even has a banner nailed to the side of his barn. Please tell me Idaho voters are more intelligent than this. Granted, Idaho Republicans continued to vote for George Hansen, even after the felony indictments, but come on, is Adamson really proposing free tacos?

And last, but certainly not least of the Saturday Smorgasbord topics, pick up a copy of The Idaho State Journal today and you will find in the 20 Questions feature, Marjanna Hulet. I am really come to appreciate and admire Marjanna since the City Council race of '05 and I was pleased to see her there representing not only ISU, but the City of Pocatello as a member of the CDC. This is one of my favorite features of the ISJ and always love to read about people I interact with on a regular basis.


Diana Rowe Pauls said...

I about CHOKED when I saw the Dan the Man signs all over GOODING!! For cryin' out loud! He owns the rehab/nursing home here in town (the one with $30,000 plus fines for multiple violations...) and there are still signs up?? Give me a break! But I'm not going to say anything but to tell the Republicans to vote for him... give Butchy boy a run for his money. Make him spend it ALL!! If Dan actually WINS the primary, then we can start educating the public!

Welcome back, I've missed you!

Alan said...

I think it's great that Adamson is running in the primary, for the reasons that mommydi mentioned. If Otter has an opponent he will have to spend more of his $$ and can't save so much for the general.

Around 1980, Allan Larsen was the GOP candidate for Gov. (Perhaps you recall the "empty chair" ads, or have heard of them.) He lost handily to either Andrus or Evans, and it was widely belived that many Dems crossed over and voted for him as the weakest candiate. And it worked. I think we have simliar opportunities now with both Adamson and Sali.