Saturday, April 29, 2006

Smorgasbord Saturday

Isn't springtime lovely? The weather in Pocatello has been absolutely beautiful lately. We've turned on the air conditioning that's how nice it is today.

Closed week at ISU begins Monday and finals week begins the following Monday, so needless to say, my time will be much consumed with studying and finishing a research paper.

This coming Monday (May 1st) there will be national protests in respect to immigration rights. A blog that I have been looking at for several days now, Empires Fall, has more about the protests. Please check out Empires Fall. Hopefully in the next few days I will have second to add this blog to the blogroll for those of you who enjoy reading posts that slam the Bush administration. That's not really my area of interest, but I realize for Democrats in Idaho it is certainly something.

This morning as I was sitting at People & Politics with the Bannock County Democrats, I realized that I never announced that I was elected to be president of the ISU College Democrats for the upcoming 2006-2007 academic year. So...when you all read the comments for the last post and see Serephin's congratulatory comment, that's the story.

I'm not sure I mentioned after the filing deadline how excited I am about Larry LaRocco running for lt. governor. It was here that I posted on Dan Romero's bid for that seat and I really like Dan, but if we want experience, if we want success, if we want to beat Jim Risch, Larry is our guy. As I have been working in the congressional collection of Richard Stallings, I have read plenty about LaRocco and have truly grown to appreciate his unique political style. As I said last week I hope to do a Candidate of the Week feature here on this blog--a feature I just didn't have time to start this week--and I hope LaRocco will be one of the first candidates spotlighted. Until then, please visit Larry's virtual brochure at

That's about it for today...Don't miss "The Last Hurrah" on TWW tomorrow night.


Jessica said...

I get pretty tired of people supporting the other candidate with experience because the other one doesn't have any, or has very little. Every politician started their career sometime and at one time they had no experience.

I am also pretty tired of the Democrats recycling the same people to run for any and every office. While Larry has experience and will definitely raise more money than Dan could, if he talks to Idaho voters like he talked to the College Democrats, he will turn people off and they won't vote for him.

And, it won't matter that he is wanting to run advanced statistical tests (regression, multiple, I believe) to target the right voters. I am the right voter and he doesn't have my vote, yet. Multiple regression won't help you when you can't get down the basics, Larry.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I knew I'd get a comment like this from you, Jessica.

You and I are on opposite teams in almost every one of the Democratic primaries.

Jessica said...

Interestingly enough, Jana and Dan are two of my favorite Democrats running for office. Unfortunately, they are both big underdogs.

I do believe we are on the same page for the race between Chaney and Brady. :)

Alan said...

Congrats on the election.

I have an acquiantance with Dan Romero, though if you ask him almost certainly he won't remember me. We were in the same Nat'l Guard unit for a while. My impression is that he is a nice guy, but not intense or motivated enough to conduct a vigorous campaign. LaRocco does have that intensity.

Frankly, I think it's all about electiability, right now. Of course I prefer the best representative and LaRocco's "inside the bubble" history concerns me. Dems need to capture some offices so we can start rebuilding the party.

Jessica said...

Well electability is such a loaded word with many definitions.

I never would've guessed that failing to speak the English language in a coherent manner and having almost no political experience would make someone electable, but we have GWB serving his second term, though we could debate if he was ever elected in the first place (and second!)!

Dan and Larry are both electable for the exact opposite reasons. Many people are tired of politicians and that is what makes Dan electable, but many people want someone with experience, hence the electability of Larry.

Larry's absence from Idaho concerns me on the surface, but having listened to him speak for almost an hour, I could really feel that he is out of touch with the concerns of Idahoans, which does not bode well for his chances against Jim Risch.

How many voters have meth/meth labs as a top priority for the Lt. Governor's race? Think of the answer and then you will know why I have serious concerns about Larry. I would love to be proven wrong because I think Dan will get creamed in the primary.