Sunday, April 23, 2006

Transition (TWW)

I won't begin this post with some statement about how solid this episode was, not because the episode lacked strength, stability, and actual writing genius, but because I have been watching Nickelodeon for much of the day and how could anything possibly be genius in comparison?

I find it odd that President Bartlet is looking younger as the final episodes roll out and even more odd that in a post-Cold War world, we hear about Russia so frequently on The West Wing.

The best part of tonight's episode was Josh arriving at Sam's office, walking in on his meeting, to tell him he found "the guy." If you remember, Josh walked in to Gage-Whitney in the same manner to hire Sam as Deputy Communications Director. Prior to the episode I'd done some thinking of my own and was hoping that the previews were misleading, that Josh would offer Sam the vp position and Donna the deputy chief-of-staff. But it didn't work that way. Donna was offered the chief-of-staff position for the first lady. Sam was offered the deputy chief-of-staff position, or as Josh put it, "you're me to my Leo."

Now Josh and Donna are off on vacation, Lou (the new deputy communications director) is running the show with Sam in D.C., and the president-elect is thinking up a plot to propose the vice president position to his opponent--Senator Vinick.

I'd like to think this show is no longer predictable, but it is. I imagine these great story lines that never happen...those curve balls that are never thrown. With three episodes to go I wouldn't imagine we could have a confirmation fight on Oliver Babbish or a real conflict with Russia, China, and that upside down country of Kazakhstan. But who am I to say there won't be a curve ball?

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