Monday, May 22, 2006

Belated Birthday

Every year for my birthday I get gift cards to bookstores. I guess people find it difficult to buy me books when in all actuality I will read just about anything. I understand however that I own quite a few books and it is difficult to buy me books that I don't already have. Anyway, this year with my gift cards I ordered my very own birthday present and it arrived today.
I cannot tell you how I ecstatic I am this morning.

There's a story behind this particular set of books (that only cost me $26.00, unbelievable, I know). Last summer I wrote a scholarship essay for the Lincoln Forum on what may have happened had Lincoln not been assassinated.

I know, you're thinking, but she loves Kennedy, not Lincoln. Not necessarily true. I love Lincoln and I have said and will always say that I hope to be to Kennedy what Sandburg was to Lincoln.

Last summer I checked out this particular set of books from the Marshall Public Library and they resided with me for much of the summer. I fell in love with these books and read every word of every page. I rediscovered Sandburg last summer and ever since have had this overwhelming desire to own my very own set of these beautifully amazing books. And now I do.

In my home there are three things I adore: Two books my grandmother has given me on Kennedy and now this set of books on Lincoln by a man I truly idolize.

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