Sunday, May 14, 2006

Finals Week Farrago

far·ra·go n. Also known as smorgasbord, just a day later.

I have FINALLY finished the 2006 Spring semester at ISU! It has been one of the longest, most tedious semesters I have had thus far in my college career.

Unfortunately, I can't say I was studying all week long, because I just wasn't. I finished my research paper on time and took my exams, but the week wasn't really all about studying...I seemed to find other important things to do. Okay, maybe not so important.

The greatest accomplishment of the week certainly was Monday morning when I turned in my final draft of the research paper I have been writing ALL semester about Richard Stallings. A polished copy (32 pages) was given to Richard and the entire document was turned in to my advisor on thiIndependentnt Study project. The paper itself, in all it's greatness is 58 pages long. I love Richard, but I really had nothing left to say about the man after that many pages.

Another fine accomplishment of the week are the new blinds and curtains I've hung in my living room (picture to the left). Since I moved in I've had these god-awful blue blinds that were bent in too many places and too filthy to ever clean completely. So...with my birthday money, I bought new shiny white blinds, curtains, and a lovely white curtain rod. It looks pretty sharp.

Also, and I know the picture isn't too great due to the lighting, Friday night we planted these flowers out back of the house near my back door. Since I've been here there was just this dirt patch that seemed to collect garbage and rocks. I cleaned it all out during the week in between finals and then bought some shade loving flowers to plant there. It looks pretty good and believe it or not, the flowers are pink!

On Ellen's show this week was the entire cast of The West Wing. And as Richard Schiff (Toby) described them, they certainly are the "best ensemble ever assembled." There was a moving tribute to John Spencer, as well as the clip of him when he was on Ellen's show talking about the "as seen oTVtv" items he so adored. I had to laugh because the particular clip was when Ellen gave John thclipip & flip, which when I was a kid wanted more than anything and my grandpa had to finally order me one of thTVtv to shut me up! I always knew I loved John Spencer, I just didn't know it was because we shared the same quirks! The tribute also contained the quote about the man who fell in the hole that Leo used to help Josh after the shooting (near the beginning of the 2nd season, I believe).

One clip on the show that I had forgotten about was one around Thanksgiving when poor Charlie was on a hunt for a new carving knife for President Bartlet and in the end President Bartlet gave thoriginalal knife to Charlie. The knife that his father had given him and his grandfather had given his father--one that was crafted by none other than Paul Revere. When I saw that episode for the first time, it hit me especially hard, mostly because I have so many honorary parents, but as I watched the clip again, I realized that really this show has become a family in it's own right.

Tuesday I purchased season 6 on DVD, which leaves only the current season for me to purchase in the future. Tonight at 7pm on NBC the pilot episode of The West Wing will air, followed at 8 by the final episode of the series.

As you can tell, it was a very long finals week, not necessarily the most productive one, but hey, I survived the semester with solid grades.

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Nick Speth said...

Whenever I hear you talk about John Spencer, I always think of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

a wierd sorta psychadellic blues band that earned instant credibility through their collaboration with RL Burnside on the CD A Ass Pocket of Whiskey.

At any rate, I'm now still waiting on that immigration comment.