Thursday, May 4, 2006


I am not a morning person. My days and nights have been mixed up for so long now that when I finally go to sleep you better let me sleep whether that be in the early morning hours or the mid-afternoon.

However, this morning a good friend of mine called bright and early to ask me why the flag was at half-staff on her walk to school. How should I know? So...I turned on MSNBC to find nothing of importance, just reruns of the same ole sound bites from yesterday. Then I flipped on the light and rushed into the kitchen to turn the computer on. No news on the Washington Post website. Or so I thought because I hadn't yet located my glasses from the night before and having awoken so quickly was not in the mood or shape to put my contacts in. I quickly looked at the Statesman to see if there was local news that I had missed. Nothing.

You want to know what goes through my head every time I see a flag at half-staff and don't know why? Gerald Ford. I'm not sure I've mentioned this before or not, but I have a deep love and respect for former President Ford. Granted, President Ford was born the year Woodrow Wilson took office and his days are numbered, I still don't want to wake up to learn that President Ford has passed away.

It wasn't until later today that it was brought to my attention that maybe the flag was at half-staff because of another Idaho soldier killed in action in Iraq.

Are you ready for your flag flying history lesson of the day? "The original flag 'etiquette' was to fly the flag at one flag's depth from the top of the hoist. With the larger flags on shorter hoists on public buildings the practice of 'half-staff' has now commonly become to fly the flag at true 'half-staff' regardless of the size of the flag or hoist." So says

The day didn't get off to the smoothest start, mostly because I was ready to sleep 'til Christmas had the phone not been ringing, but despite the moment of concern that started the day, the day is ending on a rather pleasant note. As a student senator for the upcoming academic year, I was sworn in tonight. I came home to a house full of friends and am going to bed happy with the fact that all I absolutely must have done for tomorrow is nowhere near ready,

I'll think about it tomorrow.

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Jessica said...

Turn your phone off before you go to sleep?