Monday, May 1, 2006

Immigration Protests & Baseball

As I said before, this week is Dead Week at ISU. I think it must be called Dead Week because by the end of it if you're not dead it's a miracle! So today I was home all day, one to do my part in supporting the immigration protests and two, because the work I have to accomplish by Friday is nearly impossible.

Anyway, a few minutes ago I took a break from a research paper and turned on the television to the Braves/Rockies game and had a thought: Wouldn't it have been awesome if all of the MLB players who are from countries south of us would have refused to play their regularly scheduled games today?

I don't know how many current players in the Major League Baseball association are from Mexico, I only know my personal favorite Vinny Castilla and Wikipedia says 97 players from Mexico have played in the league since 1933, but I know a good chunk of most team rosters is filled by Central American stars.

I do know that the first Mexican to play in the MLB was Mel Almada. Mel started his major league career when he was my age in 1933 playing for the Boston Red Sox. That season with 44 at bats, he had 11 hits, and 1 homerun. Not a stellar season, but he was the first player from Mexico to play in the league.

This is sounding similar to an argument I posted regarding why Cuba should play in the World Baseball Classic, when I really just wanted to say, Wow, wouldn't it have been awesome?


Nick Speth said...

I wanted to call in sick to support the protests, too, but a) I can't miss any more work because my insurance would go up, and b) I'm not Hispanic, and the whole idea is to evidence the impact Hispanics have on the economy. But I... oh you know what? I'll post on this on Thursday or Friday.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I was protesting in effort to show what impact immigrants have on the economy...with the exception of Native Americans, we are all immigrats in some way or another.

Nick Speth said...

I just realized I have a lot more to say on this than one comment allows. NDN Friday.