Monday, May 15, 2006

My Answer to Nick on Immigration

For weeks now we have all questioned immigration in this country...some of us for as long as we understood immigration and today our Commander-in-Chief answered. Kind of.

Tonight in an address to the American public, President George W. Bush announced his plan to send approximately 6,000 National Guard troops to the Mexican/American border to protect this nation from illegal immigrants.

You've got to be kidding me.

Has anyone forgotten that we are at war in Iraq, with an enemy we may or may not be able to beat? We are at war with a group that finds no discouragement in a daily casualty toll. We are at war with a principle, not a militia.

I was a senior in high school when the United States invaded Iraq. I am now approaching my senior year of college and we remain at war with a nation undisturbed by our constant presence. We have brought them democracy or the hopes for it. We have brought them our support. But what has the war brought us? We are just as divided, if not more so, today as we were in March of 2003. We are just as eager for victory and embarrassed by defeat. We have an administration that only 33% of us support and believe in. We have an economy that is suffering, gas prices that are sky-rocketing, and poverty between the area from sea to shining sea. What has war brought us here at home?

6,000 troops to defend a border that is virtually indefensible. Why? Because the American dream is so strong in the hearts and minds of immigrants they can taste it. Because millions of immigrants before them went to America and found prosperity, but even more important, hope.
We need to provide incentives for those who choose to be in this country legally. We need to provide the means for those responsible individuals who want to be in this country to get here. We need to remember that it isn't just terrorists who want into our borders, it is honest, hard working families who only want their children to live a life where they do not face or understand poverty and oppression.

I hope we realize that sending troops to the border is merely feeding the cycle of oppression and poverty.

At whatever cost to our economy, this nation exists only because of the efforts of immigrants. We are all in a sense immigrants and we are all responsible for instituting laws that protect and support those who wish to be here to work, to live, and to prosper legally.


Nick Speth said...

hard-core Conservatives, such at those at National Review and World Net Daily, are furious because the President wasn't advocating deportation.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Like one of the commentators said after the address Monday night, he's not going to please both sides and in my opinion, at this point he isn't going to please any side completely. He has to a certain extent alientated his base on this one and he isn't going far enough for hard-core liberals. And...most Americans (33%) don't support him, so he's damned either way.

Nick Speth said...

You mean 67% don't support him, and 33% do.

So do you think he's trying to build a legacy instead of pleasing the reactionary kooks on the far right of his party who'd like to see Mexicans rounded up and sent back? I can't be too critical because what the President laid out is exactly what I have been proposing for a while now, though I just said "secure the border," not "militarize the border." Here's what I wrote:

Okay. I think that for security's sake, we need to know who's here. What we need is a guest worker program that takes into account our societal necessities. The first step is to prevent anybody new from coming here... Then we need to figure out who is here, and start letting more people from Latin and South American countries in legally under a guest worker program. Let's make it harder for Europeans to come in because they don't want to, quote, "do the jobs Americans wont do," and let's make it easier for people to come here who do want to.