Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Official Rearrangement...

...as opposed to an unofficial rearrangement?

Regardless, I have rearranged my bulletin board:

And I am sure that makes nobody else nearly as happy as it makes me. In addition to this rearrangement, I also have new wall hangings:

This fine Kennedy/Lincoln scheme is in my living room/bedroom and will only have to come down in order for painting to occur. And...

This one is in the kitchen, my kitchen that has virtually nothing on the walls except the bulletin board, calendar, and whiteboard above my desk on the opposite side of the room. This one is staying up until I am completely over Bert losing the superintendent race--which it is probably a good thing I am not painting the kitchen because this one is staying up for awhile!

Anyway, completely random, I know. What do you expect for the first full day back after a weekend in Nevada?

1 comment :

Jessica said...

You make sure and let me know when you want a Jana Jones sign...and bumper sticker...and button. ;)