Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Friday, I'm In Love

I love the idea of a vacation. The principle of the thing is great, but in practice (for me at least) it just isn't something I do well. Why? Four reasons: 1) I am a nerd, 2) there is driving involved, 3) I don't sleep any better away from home then at home, and 4) something unexpected always happens.

For more about the driving aspect, you all can visit Students for Grant to learn about how many times I've been lost over the period of say 24 hours. There is not much to the story about the sleeping, I'm an insomniac. The unexpected is always something that blows me away and this time it involves my mom who was in a fairly serious four-wheeler accident yesterday while on vacation in Island Park. The entire family rushed to the Rexburg hospital to be with her, but once she was stable I decided it would be best for me to stay put. She is doing better though has several broken bones. She was very lucky. As for the nerdy part--it's a long story...

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to sit in on an Idaho Humanities Council institute for teachers at Albertson College of Idaho. The institute this year dealt with President Lincoln, his legacy, and constitutional questions surrounding his administration. Two of my professors from Idaho State lead the morning session and then in the afternoon (after a lovely lunch spent with teachers from Burley High School), former Idaho Attorney General and Lt. Governor David Leroy spoke about Lincoln and his connection to Idaho, the territory. Of course, Leroy is a prominent Republican in Idaho, yet today his hour long presentation gave me an insight into Idaho politics that I'd not had before. Tonight I know what another Idaho politician meant when saying that if Leroy was speaking, people were definitely listening.

For anyone interested in Idaho history and politics, his presentation was wonderful. Afterward I was introduced to him and spoke to him at length about the Stallings' collection and his (both Leroy and Stallings) former position as waste negotiator.

'Tis the reason the title is what it is. I love Idaho history and politics.

On top of this, the latest edition of the state historical journal Idaho Yesterdays is here. I can't say anything about the issue that will truly do it justice because it is simply amazing. All I can do is say that the journal is a truly magnificent undertaking by ISHS, ISU, and BSU; please pick up a copy.


Jessica said...

Maybe they should rename Students for Grant, Tara Rowe for Grant.

Julie in Boise said...

Heh, Jessica. You want to write there, too?

We actually have a few other SFGs, but they've been slacking this summer. I'm hoping to get 'em back on board for the fall push.