Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Best Wishes to President Ford

Those of you who know me well know that whenever I see a lowered flag and can't seem to identify the reason I panic. My fear is that President Ford has passed away. Granted the man is getting up there in years, I personally don't want to see him go. He has been and remains the most respected Republican alive--by me anyway.
"I once told you that I am not a saint, and I hope never to see the day that I cannot admit having made a mistake. So I will close with another confession. Frequently, along the tortuous road of recent months from this chamber to the President's House, I protested that I was my own man. Now I realize that I was wrong. I am your man, for it was your carefully weighed confirmation that changed my occupation. The truth is I am the people's man, for you acted in their name, and I accepted and began my new and solemn trust with a promise to serve all the people and do the best that I can for America." --President Ford
So, as President Ford undergoes treatment and evaluation at the Mayo Clinic, I wish him well.

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