Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Friday marked the 2 year anniversary of The Political Game and tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversary of what has become one of my favorite components of this blog, This Day In History.

When you're young, time generally passes slowly, but as I look back over the past two years I wonder where the time has gone. I am two years older, two years wiser (I hope), and two years closer to my degree in History.

There have been those times of complete disinterest in the game and times where I felt like this blog was nothing more than an outlet for me and ammunition for the rest of the world. But I have come to appreciate the blog for that outlet as well as for the people it has allowed me to meet. In the blogosphere, I can think of no other state I would rather find myself blogging in. Idaho is perfect in this respect (and many others).


Julie in Boise said...

Happy blogiversary (a little late)!

Jessica said...

We might not be friends if not for the blog.