Monday, August 28, 2006

Not Dead

I really am not dead. I know it appears that way with how little blogging I do lately, but really, I promise, I am not dead.

Fall semester began last Monday and the adjusting to the new schedule has been just that—an adjustment. There is something about getting up early when you go to bed as late as I do that just doesn’t work too well. Not sure what that is exactly, but something tells me I am sleep deprived…

Last night I caught most of the 58th Annual Emmys. Now, I’m a sucker for awards shows, but I must say the broadcast was horrific. I knew who had won before it happened (so much for a live show) and the host, Conan O’Brien, really gets on my nerves. Not to mention the fact that The West Wing only won one award (Alan Alda for supporting actor) and there was very little mention of John Spencer and waaaaay to much talk of Aaron Spelling as the camera showed his separated and tearful family. Whatever.

We had our first College Democrats meeting Thursday night. Hopefully I can post the results of that meeting over at Students for Grant sometime soon.

I hit my first roadblock with the Stallings Collection. Casework. That is all I have to say about it. So it goes. Better to hit those roadblocks now.

And last and certainly not least—Gerald Ford is not dead. Angioplasty, pace maker, and who know what else later, the man is still alive and kicking. Thank God. The day Gerald Ford dies I will be having a breakdown. I love that man. Afterall, he is my all-time favorite Republican.


Jessica said...

A lot of shows were robbed last night, it was pretty ridiculous.

Cameron said...

Why the love for President Ford, if I might ask? He's not generally the most beloved of presidents.

Alan said...

My daughter just matriculated at ISU, living in Turner. Maybe I can talk her into attending the College Democrats or Student for Grant meetings.

Jessica said...

Hi Alan,

We don't have a Students for Grant club, just College Democrats. We meet 6pm on thursdays in the Snake River room which is on the third floor of the student union building. This thursday we are meeting there at 6 and driving over to Tara's for a bbq. Your daughter is more than welcome to come.

If you want to give me her email address, I can add her to our mailing list and send her an email with more information for thursday. You can email me at cavajess at

Tara A. Rowe said...

Alan, send your daughter our way. You can consider the College Democrats Students for Grant--at least this student is 100% for Grant! ;)

Cameron, I would love to answer your question about Ford, but I suppose it is a much longer response and deserves more than a blurb in the comments. Look for my answer soon!