Saturday, August 12, 2006

Smorgasbord Saturday

Swan Lake is quite small. All my life I've heard of this place called Swan Lake, but I'd never seen it, or if I had, I must have blinked and missed it. Early this morning, at an ungodly hour when even people on the east coast were probably still asleep, I drove to Preston, Idaho. There is a store and like 3 houses in Swan Lake. It is so bizarre! Talk about small town Idaho. (It's comments like this that require the title of these posts to be "Smorgasbord Saturday!")

I've been on this strange country music kick lately. Not too sure why, but as the kick continues, I have run across an interesting little song by a guy named Rodney Atkins. I believe the title is "If You're Going Through Hell." Anyway, I think the song is kind of catchy--in that country/pop sort of way and says just what people like me who have had the kind of summer I have had need to hear. For a song with a title like this, it is oddly peppy and encouraging.

Another random thought about Idaho, or in this case Idaho billboards, as I was driving back from Preston this afternoon (somewhere between Preston and my grandparents' house in McCammon) there was this billboard with a lady lying in a bed with a really fluffy pillow that said "Sleep in Pocatello, Only 30 Minutes." I laughed. Now I know that the billboard meant that it was only 30 minutes to Pocatello and travelers should stop in Pocatello to sleep for the night, but I thought it was the story of my life...I sleep at best 30 minutes at a time in Pocatello, so why not ask everyone on the interstate to try it out? I guess you had to be there...

In my spare time, also known as the time in which I can't seem to sleep, I have been watching a lot of those forensic science, criminology-type shows. CSI, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and others top the list, but the other night I was watching an episode of CSI (the Las Vegas one) and it was about a body the investigators found that they knew was a man with Down Syndrome. Now, I have a very soft spot for people with Down Syndrome so it was no surprise that I found it particularly infuriating that this young man was killed by a guy he worked with at a ranch, but the highlight of the entire show was after the murderer who had referred to his victim as "The Retard" was told by Grissom: "By the way, the definition of retard is to hinder or hold something back. I think your life is about to be retarded." Another one of those I guess you had to be there comments.

Last is something a little more like what Orson Scott Card would do over on his review site, but I'm doing it anyway--I have discovered this great cranberry juice. It should be known that I HATE cranberry juice. I hate with every ounce of hatred in me. I hate it with as much passion as I hate Barry Goldwater or those damn magnetic ribbons people put on their vehicles sporting whatever "trendy" political statement the owner has chosen. The juice is called Naturally Preferred Cranberry Blend and it is distributed by Inter-American Products out of Ohio. It is 100% juice with no added sweetener. It is a perfect balance of cranberry, apple, and grape juice. Now instead of the 4 ounces of straight 100% cranberry juice without the added benefit of sugar that I used to swallow like most people swallow a shot of tequila, I can enjoy easily 8 ounces of juice without thinking about how absolutely awful cranberry juice is. And it is wonderful for kidney health. Try it. Now part of my morning routine of corn flakes is a glass of cranberry juice. Decent cranberry juice.


Angela said...

As crazy as this may sound...I have spent the night in swan Lake. It's me though...I always have random, unordinary things happen in my life. Also, the people I stayed with told me that the saw a UFO there too. Of course I believed them. Who wouldn't believe there was a UFO in Swan Lake, middle of no-where, Idaho.

Jessica said...

I saw that same type of sleep in Pocatello billboard on my way back from Rexburg on I-15 on Sunday. It was weird.

I worry for Pocatello when the city is trying to sell itself as a great place to sleep.