Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tenth Street

The title began as "Twenty Thousand Roads," stealing the concept from a new-found historian, but my bike ride to and from campus revised the title.

Yesterday I had this overwhelming feeling that the pieces of life's puzzle were fitting together. For the first time in months I knew without a doubt that everything was okay. Much to the dismay of my readers don't expect a political post out of this...

This morning on my ride to school I listened contently to Cat Stevens' "Morning Has Broken" and on my ride home I had an interesting experience also with a soundtrack of sorts. Between 9th and 10th Street, probably on East Lewis, there is this house that I ride past every trip to campus. Today it was cooling off (looking as if it were about to rain) and in front of this house the trees create a canopy over the sidewalk. As I rode under that "canopy," I ducked just slightly, hoping that I wouldn't lose either my head or my Washington Nationals baseball cap to one of the branches, was thinking of Walter Lippman, and "Always on Your Side" by Sting & Sheryl Crow came on my iPod. The best description of that moment is one of peacefulness.

Anyway, this post is better than no post at all--thought severely lacking in political commentary and observation. Forgive me.

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