Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Still Waiting

In twenty-one years I can count on one hand the times I have known without a doubt that life is a test of our faith, courage, and inner-strength. In those times I have often reflected on a quote by C.S. Lewis: "Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point." I suppose this is one of those times in my life that Mr. Lewis is on my mind daily. There are obstacles we never want to encounter, there are circumstances beyond our control, and there are only certain paths we can take to overcome these obstacles.

I can't tell you why C.S. Lewis is on my mind these days, but maybe Rose Kennedy said it best when she said: "It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, (protecting its sanity), covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But, it is never gone."

This many all seem a little perplexing and non-political, however it is leading somewhere--this blog is going to take on a new role or structure for awhile and I thought I would address the reasons why and what you all should expect.

First, there are some amazing political blogs for those interested in Idaho politics and campaigns that I cannot even give enough credit to--Red State Rebels, Ridenbaugh Press, 43rd State Blues, and many others. There are great campaign pages for Larry Grant and Jim Hansen. Not to mention all the other wonderful and insightful Idaho blogs that don't always concentrate strictly on politics.

Second, I am JFK-centric. I do enjoy writing about off the wall things, sharing song lyrics, and taking random pictures on Saturdays. I'm not your typical political blogger, though I did begin with every intention of writing on strictly political issues. My love for history is undeniable. I love poetry, literature, and the United States Constitution. I am not your average political blogger.

From here on out, similar to "Let Bartlet be Bartlet" on The West Wing, I'm just going to be me. I can give you an update on the processing of the Stallings' congressional collection. I may post whatever lyrics are on my mind. Smorgasbord Saturday is going to stick around. TDIH isn't going anywhere. And though I'd like to run far, far away, I'm not going anywhere either. I've readjusted my life a little, resigned as president of the College Democrats, and have tried to pinpoint my priorities. I spent ten hours in the basement of the library working on the Stallings collection today and someone brought me flowers...I'm happy with that. If we are happy with and appreciate the little things, the big things that scare us the most will take care of themselves. I believe that as firmly as I believe anything.

There are a lot of things that I've had to do that I didn't want to do. I'm not going to post about the political things just because that is what everyone expects of me. I'm going to post about the things that are important to me--I'm not going to worry about what people think when I say I love Robert Byrd because he loves the Constitution. I'm not going to worry what people think about me listening to Big & Rich or Elvis Costello. I'm not going to worry if anyone cares that I mention Pat Kennedy Lawford died, but Eunice was/is my favorite. Or if people comment on my random commentary on the World Series. It doesn't matter to me if anyone else likes Orson Scott Card as much as I do or even for the same reasons. This is my blog, this is my life, and it only matters what I expect of myself.

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Cory said...

I've thought it a dozen times, even though I don't know that I've ever actually commented - I don't see the need to apologize for those posts that don't really have all that much to do with politics. I suppose there may be some people who are interesting in your blog purely for the political content, but I keep coming back for the other stuff. You're not running for political office, nor do you have any particular obligation to please anybody other than yourself, so if TDIH and Smorgasbord Saturdays and whatever else is what floats your proverbial boat, then more power to you!