Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Postseason Paradise

I'm not a Detroit Tigers fan, or let's say I wasn't until recently, but I am sure gloating over their series win defeating the Yankees. Evidently many are in this boat. Afterall, isn't the postseason the greatest time to hate the Yankees? As far as the ALCS I now am no longer rooting for the Tigers, but the A's. Yes, me, I'm hoping for the A's. How strange is that? The greatest part about this postseason is the unexpected.

I'm not an Oakland fan--never have been, but if you can bring Frank Thomas back to a winning team and let him strut his stuff at his age (yes, he is old for a baseball player) then more power to you. Detroit brought Kenny Rogers back, showed off his softer side, but he's not Frank Thomas. And in addition to Frank Thomas, the A's have Jason Kendall who is undoubtedly one of the greatest catchers of our time and he has never been to a World Series. Maybe this is his chance. Though as far as catchers go I really like Pudge as well... I had Barry Zito and Eric Chavez on my fantasy team last year and they secured me a spot in the top 3 (so what if there were only 4 teams, just kidding).

I'm not a Cardinals fan--I hate the Cardinals. So as you can imagine I won't be hoping for the NLCS to be in favor of St. Louis. And I loved the Mets once upon a time--back when Piazza played for them. And as I have said before of that division there is only one team I can't stand and that is Florida. To a certain extent I have always been a Mets fan, not in the same way that I am a Braves fan or in the way I loved the Expos, but a fan nonetheless. David Wright is just adorable, as far as cocky baseball players go, and Paul Lo Duca is a damn fine catcher. Any Braves fan can be excited to see Glavine on a winning team again, though anyone who trades to a New York team from Atlanta is a traitor in every sense. But the Mets are not the Yankees, thank the Lord!

I'm not a Dodgers fan--Dodgers fans are nearly as bad as Yankees fans, but I sure loved the Dodgers this year. When the Braves are having a losing year, which mind you, doesn't happen that often, or at least it hasn't in the last 17 seasons, it is refreshing to see a ton of ex-Braves on one team. The only thing that could have rounded out the Maddux, Furcal, Lofton, and Drew lineup would have been the appearance of Javy Lopez. Count this as the first and possibly only year I cared at all that the Dodgers were the Wild Card.

Tonight on Fox you can catch the Detroit/Oakland game and tomorrow night the St. Louis/New York game.


Cameron said...

I have loved the A's since the Bash Brothers days. In fact, Jose Canseco was my favorite player until he became, well, Jose Canseco. The '89 Series was the first series I watched very much of. Dave Stewart (won 20 games 4 years in a row), Carney Lansford (won a batting title), Bob Welch (who won 27 games in 1990, 27!), Dennis Eckersley (won a Cy Young), Dave Henderson, Ricky Henderson, Walt Weiss...

I think Frank Thomas is one of the greatest hitters of his generation. When he is healthy, he is great. Too bad he hasn't been able to play much the last few years.

By the way, the 1991 series with the Twins and Braves was the best of all time. Jack Morris should be in the Hall if for no other reason than game 7.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I'm still bitter about the '91 series. Just bring up Kirby and watch out...

Cameron said...

Ah Kirby. What a strange looking baseball player. But he was good. Not sure if he was Hall worthy though, he didn't get to play very long.

If only the Braves could hit a little, they would have won a few more Series. I loved their pitching though. Whatever happened to Steve Avery?