Saturday, October 7, 2006

Smorgasbord Saturday

The latest wins and losses of the postseason deserve their own post, but I just have to say God bless the Detroit Tigers!

Also coming in as one of those topics that deserves its own post is a conversation I had with a Republican friend, er, acquaintance of mine. Without giving away too much, let's just say that Julie over at Red State Rebels has it right when she assumes the Republicans associate a Grant win with losing control of Congress.

As usual, I have found myself rather entertained by Orson Scott Card. Until I read his latest post, I didn't think there was a single person in the world as anal about teeth-brushing as I am--much less as concerned with the "gunk" that builds up in the toothbrush holder...evidently Mr. Card is just as anal about teeth-brushing and proper bathroom cleanliness as I am.

On an entirely different subject, this morning I was sitting in IHOP having breakfast with my little brother and this guy gets up from his table, notices my Idaho Democrats: This is the Year t-shirt and says "Idaho Democrats?!? Rock-and-roll!" It was one of the stranger encounters I've had in IHOP, but nonetheless gave me hope. The guy couldn't have been much older than I am and seemed sincerely excited for November. Indeed, this is the year.

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Jessica said...

George Steinbrenner is freaking out these days and I love every second of it. I do feel bad for Joe Torre, though. Should be interesting to see if Georgey brings in Piniella to coach...