Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Day After II

Having an unusual sense of Idaho political history without having lived through much of it, I can't help but think of George Hansen today. The man had four felony convictions when he narrowly lost to Richard Stallings in 1984. Nearly half of Idaho voters still cast their vote for a felon.

Evidently not much has changed in Idaho. In the 1st Congressional District, voters turned out for a man who was called an idiot by the Idaho Speaker of the House. When a highly conservative politician from Cassia County recognizes the complete insanity of Bill Sali, that is saying something! For governor the people of Idaho elected a man with a history of driving under the influence--not to mention serious family baggage. For controller Idaho chose an undereducated woman who I wouldn't trust with my own checkbook. All because they had one particular letter behind their name.

It seems a majority of Idahoans are bigots, idiots, and not at all concerned with funding public education.

And in Bannock County, what the hell are they thinking voting for Ken Andrus? He was the lone dissenting voice on raising the home owner's exemption and has not represented the needs of Bannock County citizens. Though once a member of a local school board, he shows no concern for funding education, much less protecting students, teachers, and school districts.

The only thing keeping me from complete discouragment with today's results is the constant reminder that Ms. Nancy Pelosi will soon be the leader in the U.S. House, Robert Byrd is returning for an 8th term, Bernie Sanders can now entertain the Senate, and thank all that is holy, Donald Rumsfeld has resigned.


Diana Rowe Pauls said...


Jessica said...

I had to sit next to Andrus last night. I think I should get a prize for sitting next to him for 10 minutes and not vomiting all over. What a piece of garbage that man is. He really has people fooled. Sorry excuse for a human being.

Jared said...

Firstly, I am quite disgusted with you characterizing Idahoans as "bigots" and "idiots".

Secondly, I too am perturbed by the election of Butch Otter to the governorship. How can we expect someone who is convicted of driving under the influence to keep drunk drivers off the streets? Mainly I didn’t vote for him because while in Congress he voted against the PATRIOT ACT. I wrote in Jim Risch.

Finally, call Sali incompetent (and I'd agree), but don’t equate his victory on Tuesday to the near victory of convicted felon George Hansen. That is, unless you have dirt I don’t have. I decided over the weekend that if I lived in the ID-1 I would have voted for him, but in reality my hypothetical vote for Sali would have been a vote against Pelosi and nothing more. After the election I’d immediately begin campaigning for anyone willing to run against him in the primary of 2008!

On a historic note Tara, when was the last time one party in Idaho held all the constitutional offices?

Jessica said...

Not all Idahoans are idiots and bigots, just a lot of them.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Over 50 years.

Cameron said...