Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Day After

I've decided worse than knowing your team lost is not knowing your team lost. Here in Bannock County we have no results--at least none that are reliable due to a machine-counting error. Regardless, I'd like to post some post-election day cheers and jeers.

Cheers to Bannock County Clerk Dale Hatch for handling a tough situation in the best way possible--slowly and with great patience.

A special Cheers to Senator Robert Byrd for continuing his tenure in the Senate and for just the commentary by political pundits about the possibility of him potentially becoming President Pro-Tempore again. It atleast entertained me!

Jeers to the citizens of Cassia County (and parts of Minidoka) that can't seem to find anyone to replace the likes of Denton Darrington, Dean Cameron, and Scott Bedke.

Cheers to soon-to-be Speaker of the House Pelosi!!!

Cheers to Ned Lamont in Connecticut for running a decent, clean campaign and for challenging the thinking of Democrats across the country as well as one Joe Leiberman.

Jeers to Joe Leiberman. Do I even need to state a reason?

Cheers to Chris Matthews for not having a clue who Butch Otter was when his face flashed on the screen at MSNBC. Maybe that will take Otter's ego down a notch...

That's all I've got for now...stay tuned.

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Jessica said...

Cheers to Bannock County Dems staff and volunteers. Many of us stayed up all night at the courthouse awaiting the results. Many of us are returning at 9am to wait for the last 11-12 precincts, even though the results will be contested, people are returning.

And many of them will be returning in a few days to recount all of the ballots.