Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Silence & Shoes

It is quiet in my office (or cubby-hole) and I have on my favorite shoes. Everything positive I have to say about ISU, ASISU, or life in general is pretty well wrapped up in that statement.

If you're on the campus of Idaho State University today you surely know we are currently involved in a referendum. Students will be voting on two proposed measures for the next two days--a $22 million expansion to Reed Gym and a new constitution for the Associated Students.

In my cubby hole the phone is not ringing because there isn't a phone. If I were anywhere else right now the phone would be ringing off the hook. I have been the lone voice against throwing out our standing governing document to replace it with a new constitution written by the Executive Branch. I've also been adamantly opposed to the Reed Gym project because it raises student fees a minimum of $75 a semester for the next several years. $75 is not just being generous, it is a blatant lie. It's more like $100+ maintenance and operation costs.

I just got done writing an article for the Idaho State Journal regarding the new constitution. The vote in the Student Senate, in case you were wondering, was 19-1. Betcha can't guess who the dissenter was...

Favorite shoes are a necessity. My little brother recently informed me that even in the most difficult circumstances, if you have on your favorite shoes you can at least manage. Smart boy. I have on my favorite shoes and I'm still here. Still kicking. Still speaking out. Okay, not really kicking or speaking out, but I'm awake.

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