Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spellings for $400, Alex

Perhaps the most bizarre thing I have seen on Jeopardy! happened today--Ms. Spellings, U.S. Secretary of Education, participated in the celebrity edition of the long-running game show.

Now, by just saying it was the most bizarre show I've seen is not enough, because who I am I? Well, I am a longtime dedicated viewer of Jeopardy! and have been since I was about four. My only memories of daycare have to do with television: The Munsters, General Hospital, and Jeopardy!

Secretary Spellings didn't do so hot, but that has less to do with her and more to do with her opponent Michael McKean. And maybe she was distracted by the good-looking Hill Harper from CSI:NY...who knows.

To her credit, Ms. Spellings, like any person so worthy of a Bush appointment can tout, was able to answer a question about the oil business. She knew for certain the stock abbreviation for Exxon-Mobil. She also knew a little something about vodka, but hey, that's another story altogether, not isn't it?

Her participation on today's show gave a literacy charity $25,000--more than other secretaries have given (in time, support, progress, or monetarily) to literacy and the furthering of education--I'm trying really hard not to name names here.

Though bizarre, it was highly entertaining and I commend Ms. Spellings for her brave effort.

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