Saturday, December 2, 2006

Smorgasbord Saturday

Last night I had a dream I was at President Ford's funeral. But it couldn't have been President Ford's funeral because I was in Philly at Independence Hall and the person in charge was from the National Park Service. All in all it wasn't strange to me to be dreaming about Ford's funeral since every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is turn on the news to make sure Gerald Ford is still with us, but wow, what a strange funeral.

Hopefully in tomorrow's edition of the Idaho State Journal there will be a piece I wrote on the Articles of Confederation. Well, it isn't really on the Articles, but it talks about the Articles. The piece refers to an argument being made regarding the proposed Constititution for the Associated Students of Idaho State University. The article is only one piece of the puzzle--the puzzle that is ISU's student government at the current time.

On a related note, this week I filed two cases with the ASISU Supreme Court against the exectuive branch of student government. This should prove an interesting case study in separation of power. Government 101 here we come.

You know how they say people have theme songs? I don't know who these people are that came up with the idea, but I've heard the argument a time or two that each person has a theme song. I don't where they come up with such silly arguments nor do I know where people come up with the time to think all this out, but if these people are right, I think my theme song should be "Standing Outside the Fire" by Garth Brooks.

Yesterday I mentioned that I don't like Steny Hoyer--let me add to that statement--I have never liked Steny Hoyer since I knew who Steny Hoyer was, but it was during the Terri Schaivo debate that I decided I could never like Steny Hoyer. That experience made me loathe Bill Frist as well.

I know you're all wondering, okay maybe you're not, but I am wondering, when I will post on the movie Bobby. Soon my friends, soon. I've been swamped and that kind of post is going to take some serious thought. I can't just issue a blanket statement like the big papers do (i.e. "...a powerful, poignant movie..." the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, one of the kinder reviews of the film). I know the critics haven't been kind to this film, but there are many aspects of it to be appreciated and hopefully I can touch on those points soon.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to throw in a This Day in History tidbit--it was on this day 50 years ago that Fidel Castro landed in Cuba to launch the Cuban Revolution. From what I'm hearing, Fidel was not present at today's parade (yes, they really do have parades for this sort of thing), but Ortega is in town...

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