Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I have spent a year of my life getting up every morning, turning on the news, and checking the status of President Ford. It is unbelievably strange to me that I, a Democrat, respected President Ford more than any other man who has held that office.

I was up all night watching the coverage. Took extensive notes, even. This is something I knew was coming, yet I'm still a bit numb. America has lost a patriot.

There are so many things I would like to say, but I can't quite put them together. Soon. My head is muddled this morning as I grapple with a newspaper article I am writing to run on Sunday, a letter of resignation that needs to be submitted to the ASISU Senate today, and then of course the sleep deprivation adds to the haze.


Darryl said...

You're resigning?

Not sure why you're considering it (or why you have decided on resigning, since it sounds like a done deal). Being busy with other important stuff is a good reason. Deciding the work you're doing really won't matter... also good.

But don't resign to make a visible gesture. Like Carter selling off the presidential yacht, it's a gesture that'll be forgotten too quickly. Better to stay around and become a loud dissenting voice and the proverbial sand in the gearbox of bureaucracy until your term ends. Sometimes the only good that a good person can do is to poke fingers in dikes (or eyes) to forestall the inevitable.

Jessica said...

It is certainly a loss for the Senate and for ISU students. Tara is the best Senator there is.