Friday, December 22, 2006


This evening as I was catching up on the Idaho blogs, I smiled at Julie's "full-tilt-boogie" commentary here. Julie, I totally understand what you mean! This has been an unusually busy few months and it seems like when one project is over, it's full speed ahead on the next.

Case in point, I have been "processing" casework files from the Stallings Collection for the last 18 weeks. "Processing" is an all encompassing term I use that pretty much means sorting, sampling, separating, organizing, deciphering, and well, it's much like wrestling a grizzly bear. Yesterday I completed the processing of the Pocatello office casework. This is a HUGE accomplishment knowing that I spent 3 entire weeks on box 198 alone. With the Boise/Washington office casework done, the Idaho Falls casework done, and now the Pocatello office casework complete, a break? Never. Today I dove right into the Twin Falls casework. I need to get a life!

My schedule has been this crazy since the first part of August. It's ridiculous. It has come down to me heading off to the archives at 7:30 in the morning, working my guts out, going to class, going back to the archives, staying way too late, going home to sleep for a couple hours, and then starting all over again. I have a new found appreciation for my job. If I wasn't a houseparent and required to be at home from 10pm to 7am, I'd probably never come home, rarely sleep, and live forever in nerdville.

But man, I love the Stallings Collection.

I won't be going back to campus until Wednesday, quite possibly the longest break I have taken from campus in at least a year. Of course, I brought my work home--well sort of, I have some research to do on an EPA case that I find fascinating. Maybe the next few days can be mellow. At least I am no longer completely freaking out about Christmas; I was until about noon today. I'm sure by Sunday night I'll be again a little nervous, but for the moment, I'm good. I get to go watch fourteen of my closest friends open their Christmas presents, something they (and I) have been excited about all day and I think I'll go to bed early. How wild and crazy of me.

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Julie in Boise said...

Tara, glad you liked my post.

There's something about good work that keeps you going even when you're way past the need for a break. I definitely feel that way about politics and campaigns. I lose all track of time and it really doesn't seem like work.

Still, it probably isn't healthy for months on end, either. So happy holidays and enjoy whatever small break you can get.