Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Campus Life

For those of you who are interested, my weekly article in the Idaho State Journal has moved to the Campus Life section of the Wednesday edition.

I had mixed feelings about this transition early on because the Campus Life section has never been my favorite, but today I was pleasantly surprised by the new layout and COLOR!! And my column is not in a mix of other editorial pieces of like-topic as it was when it appeared in the Insight section on Sundays. The other editorial pieces in the Campus Life section are music and movie reviews--more traditional campus type pieces. However, my column is just about as random as this blog! Thus far I've covered numerous political topics ranging from the death of President Ford to the ongoing ASISU Student Senate dilemma.

While we are on the topic of campus life, anybody who has been on the ISU campus lately has surely noticed a shift in attitude or at least political environment. I would call it tense, but it is just too quiet to be tense. There are big things (and big changes) in store for ISU as the new president gains a better grasp of the situation at hand.

And it is that time of year again--ASISU elections are about to begin. I've only heard rumors of people who are running, but from what I can tell it will be several of the same faces. Quite a few senators are running again as far as I can tell and I've heard of a few newbies that I'm looking forward to.

As for me and my plans, I have opted not to run for ASISU President and instead have backed an executive ticket that I really believe in and believe can make a difference in student governance. They were "waiting in the wings" for me to make a decision of my own and would have supported me if I chose to run so it is only fitting that with them running I back them 100%. Besides, I quite like having Monday nights to myself and not having to worry about the drama of student government. And I made my usual pros/cons list and the cons outweighed the pros 5-1. Good enough.

Personally, I think there are bigger and better things in store for me.

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