Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SOTU: The Democratic Response

Clearly the 100,000 lb. gorilla (as Tom Brokaw put it) is Iraq and I would expect the Democratic response delivered by Senator Webb to address this.

Similar (and somewhat unfortunately for those of you trying to decipher my comments) to my rambling post of the President's speech, I will do the same for the response.

Did Jim Webb play football? He has that look.

Webb mentions New Orleans. Did President Bush mention New Orleans and I missed it?

The two areas that the parties disagree on most: How we see health of the economy and foreign policy--meaning how we might bring the war in Iraq to a proper end and how we deal with terrorism.

When did the response to the SOTU begin? Has this always been the case?

Webb is a decent speaker and seems to be using the right words (tone, trust, right, and reason).

I guess I didn't know that Webb's father was involved in the Berlin airlift. Nor did I know Webb had a son in Iraq and he served in Vietnam. Do other members of Congress have children serving in Iraq?

The leaders owe us sound judgement, clear thinking, etc. in regard to war and peace. And the nation is "held hostage by the predictable (and predicted) disarray" that has come with Iraq. We need a new direction--immediate shift toward regionally based diplomacy. I'm not sure exactly what this means but on the surface it certainly sounds manageable.

Is Webb an historian? Any historical training? He sure knows a lot (or his speechwriter does). Has anyone else noticed that over time (and debacle) we are nicer and nicer to President Eisenhower?

The Democrats are calling on the President to take control of these two issues that really divide Congress.

"If he does, we'll join him. If he does not, we'll be showing him the way."

Senator Webb has a done a very nice job for a first timer and someone that we aren't really sure where to "peg" in the party in terms of ideologically. When that centrist committee gets together--the one that will no doubt include Joe Leiberman and possibly still McCain, here is a man that should join them. I think that Jim Webb was the right guy for this response. He wasn't emotional as some senators may have been, he doesn't have a history with this president, as many leaders of the Democratic party do. And he's an up and coming force to be dealt with. What he said tonight is going to matter not just in terms of his career, but the party's future. Jim Webb, job well done.


Jared said...

Sen. Webb has a son in Iraq and Sen. McCain soon will. I think I remember Sen. Johnson having a son serving there and I also remember hearing something about Duncan Hunter and some congressman from like South Carolina. As far as I know, no senator or member of congress had or has a child in Afghanistan.

I did find it irronic, however, that the only reason Sen. Webb is giving a speech today is because of one word that no one had heard before Election 2006: Macaca.

Tara A. Rowe said...

One day many years from now when a historian looks up the reason for George Allen's loss it won't be too difficult to pinpoint.

Jared, have you heard any word on Johnson's return? I thought it very considerate (and appropriate) of President Bush to send his well wishes.

Jared said...

The Washington Post reported that he is getting better. He is in no danger of dying now, so Democrats can take a deep breath.

That still doesn´t discount the fact that Democrats are one old West Virginian heartbeat (or in the case may really be: a Massachussetts liver) away from losing the Senate.

Jared said...

You never answer your phone! Call me tonight!

Jessica said...

Nope, there is a history between Webb and GWB. Small history though.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Hey, you're forgetting that Akaka is 900 years old...

Jared said...

Inouye is up there too. He and Akaka can sit on Hawaiian beaches and drink Metamucil Martinis together. I read a ranking recently of the 10 best and 10 worst Senators by one of the big news magazines and both of them were on the worst list! I guess they don't get much done, but heck when you live in paradise, there is no incentive to be in Washington!

Kennedy looks in bad health. I mean, he's always been a mess, but when I saw him for the first time after my mission he looked horrible.

Tara A. Rowe said...

They didn't have a camera shot of Kennedy last night and you're right in the last few months he has changed (in appearance) a lot. The man has to have serious liver problems with all his alcohol and cocaine consumption.

Jared said...

I watched PBS with the Current Events Student Associations live and they showed a couple of shots of Teddy, mainly because he was strategically placed next to Barak and Hillary. They usually get him rolling his eyes once or twice, but not this year. Just him looking like he was asleep.

However, on PBS they did zoom in on Condie Rice when she has that serious scowl on her face and it was SCARY!

Props to Nancy Pelosi because what she did is really historic once we get passed politics, but man did she look uncomfortable up there with all that insane blinking and chomping with her teeth. I watched the FOX News rebroadcast and I didn’t notice the first time, but it was like she was on something to keep her peppy! I thought she was going to break new barriers and invite her grandkids up to the rostrum for the SOTU. However, Bush’s compliments were both gracious and generous.