Friday, February 9, 2007

The 24 Hour News

I've often thought that the 24 hour news cycle is absolutely ridiculous. It seems that breaking news is only breaking news until a better sound bite comes along.

Yesterday was no exception.

I have been home most of the last two days with a kidney infection and I've mostly been lounging. Watching some tv, reading, drinking a gallon or two, and sleeping quite a bit. So, yesterday I was flipping between CSPAN and MSNBC when the Air Pelosi ordeal hit the airwaves and I watched intently as one member of Congress after another came to the floor to give their two-cents on the matter. I, like Tony Snow and the White House, thought the entire story was absurd and that "silliness" had ensued on the floor of the U.S. House. However, I found it very entertaining that a congressman would feel the need to add an amendment to a bill stating what sort of aircraft the Speaker of the House could (or could not) travel in.

The pundits were all over the Air Pelosi ordeal, some of whom were quick to criticize the Democratic Party, some quick to defend, and some wise enough to say that they were all wasting their time on a non-issue.

And then the members on the floor of the House started calling for the Speaker to venture to the floor to defend herself. Quickly the news picked out a soundbite about "the myth" that had been created as stated by Speaker Pelosi herself. That too was entertaining due to the very habit Ms. Pelosi has of blinking unusually fast when annoyed or infuriated.

I flipped back to the debate on the floor only to see Barney Frank arrive for only a moment to say: "Boss, da plane!" It was the biggest circus I have ever seen on the floor of the House. Meanwhile in the Senate chamber, someone had given Bob Byrd the floor AGAIN to talk about appropriations and even though he has been dead for at least ten years he was waving his arms about with as much gusto as ever... Back to the circus. You have to wonder how each party decides which dogs to send to the fight. If in fact each party was picking congressmen and women to send to the floor, the Democrats should have thought it through before they sent the Congressman from New York. His name escapes me at the moment, but I believe he's from the 24th district of New York. Anyway, whew, what a clown. The one highlight (or at least positive moment) of the entire ordeal was when Carol Shea Porter came to the floor from her office and reminded everyone of how stupid they were behaving. I really enjoyed listening to the new congresswoman from New Hampshire and she was a breath of fresh air!

Somewhere in the middle of the circus I fell asleep. Here's where the absurdity of the 24 hour news cycle continues. When I woke up from my nap, Anna Nicole Smith had died and each of the news stations were plastered with her face and the "Breaking News" headline.

After watching yet another circus, I never found out what happened with the Air Pelosi ordeal. Does she get the 737 military aircraft or not? And does it really have a gym, the Lincoln bedroom, and room for her entire San Francisco entourage?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug of our new NH Representative!

Carol Shea Porter is an even minded and intelligent person not given to charades. We love her and hope to keep her in Washington a long time. She was sent by NH to represent those who haven't had a voice in Washington for a long time. Me & you!