Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I Like Tuesdays

It's odd the way in which I judge days of the week. Sunday is my favorite television day, but generally I am so bogged down in homework I somewhat dread the day. Monday is nowhere near my favorite, though my appreciation of the day has increased since I resigned from the student senate. Wednesdays are long and especially frustrating due to me not looking forward to Thursday and right now due to this very bizarre class I am taking. Thursday is by far my least favorite day of the week. It is too damn long and my schedule on Thursday is ridiculous. Friday is pretty good, except I'm exhausted by Friday and can't get much accomplished. Saturday, much like Sunday, is decent, and I can get away with wearing the god-awful combination of sandals and socks. But Tuesdays are my favorite.

Tuesday is sort of like dress-down Fridays (in most offices). I usually wear jeans, beat up old jeans that I love, a sweatshirt, and my favorite shoes. Today I even wore organic socks. I don't know what that actually means, but they are cozy! There isn't much on my schedule for Tuesdays and I quite enjoy that. I really like Tuesdays.

Today was not your typical Tuesday. This morning I woke up waaaay to early, was to school at 6:30 a.m., and I was working far too hard before noon. I spent quite a bit of time running around campus this afternoon--both to visit and in part looking for lost items. Yes, I lost things. I'm generally quite put together, but it seems more and more I am scatterbrained. Today I was actually feeling a bit frazzled. Very odd for a Tuesday. I lost my keys, my wallet, and my cell phone...

My keys and wallet are still missing in action, but the cell phone turned up. A very kind and anonymous student returned my cell phone to me after having gone through the contacts in my phone and piecing together the puzzle. I suppose I'd never thought about what my phone contacts say about me. I still wonder how this kind individual figured me out. Maybe the entries say far more than I realized. Who else has the History Department, Richard Stallings, Marshall Public Library, Special Collections (of the ISU Library), and Adam Rowe on speed dial? Yeah, pretty obvious.

Despite the runaround, I had a somewhat productive day in Special Collections--made my way through three more boxes of casework. I made it to class on time, though I fell asleep at one point for a split second. And I caught up with a friend who reminds me that I'm okay and going to go places in life. Very nerdy places, but places nonetheless. All in all, I love Tuesdays.

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