Thursday, March 29, 2007

Elaine Hofman

For those of you who knew Elaine Hofman, you are surely as saddened as I am to hear that Elaine Hofman has passed away. Elaine Hofman was a former Democratic state legislator, had a key role as a district representative and campaign worker for former Idaho Congressman Richard Stallings, and was the wife of former ISU professor and former chair of the Department of Economics Cor Hofman. Just yesterday I was sitting in my cubby hole in the basement of the ISU library working my way through some files in the Stallings Collection and my colleague commented that it would be wonderful to have recorded interviews of former members of Stallings' staff and I said that one of the greatest would be an interview with Elaine. My thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Hofman and his family today.

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Jessica said...

Thank you for you comments. Elaine was my Grandma and I am grateful to know that she will be remember for her work and efforts.