Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No, We'd Rather Have Bigfoot

One of the things I have been attempting to accomplish while I have been at home is bringing the David Thompson Bicentennial Quilts to ISU as a traveling exhibit. My first thought was to bring them to the Idaho Museum of Natural History on campus, but after many, many talks, yesterday at a museum cabinet meeting, they collectively decided that this traveling exhibit does not fit within the parameters of their museum mission.

What I find so frustrating about this is that since June of 2006, the IMNH has had on display an entire exhibit (quite extensive) on Bigfoot. Yes, Bigfoot. And the Bigfoot exhibit is even running into Summer '07.

Tell me, what makes Bigfoot fit within the parameters of a natural history museum's mission, but bringing a quilt exhibit that celebrates the bicentennial of one of history's more prominent fur traders does not fit?


Cameron said...

You're not a Big Foot denier are you?

Craig Woolheater said...


Thought that you would enjoy this historical tidbit:

In 1811, British explorer David Thompson claimed he stumbled upon a Bigfoot track near what is now Jasper, Alberta. Thompson was no wide-eyed naif, but he admitted in his journal that "the sight of the track of that large beast staggered me."

Source: Outside Magazine