Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Note on Bookstores

Isn't this a lovely little bookstore? Really clever, naming a bookstore Boo Radley's. A friend of mine has been in Spokane for several days and she emailed me this pic as she knew I would just fall in love with the idea of a bookstore named Boo Radley's. Not only do they have books, they have music too! How wonderful.

You must understand that in Pocatello there aren't really any great bookstores. Aren't really in that we have a Walden's Books in the mall which is mediocre at best...they didn't used to keep in Robert Frost in stock until one day I threw an enormous fit about it being an American bookstore and all without a single work by the American poet.

The other bookstore option is much better--The Walrus and the Carpenter in Old Town Pocatello. Great name, too. Lewis Carroll. Not nearly as cool as Boo Radley's, but really how can you compare anything with Harper Lee? The only downfall to Walrus and the Carpenter is that Will, the owner, doesn't do internet. Not at all. Doesn't buy or sell on the web as far as I can tell. But I can't complain, many of my favorite books have come from that fine establishment. I'm just saying there is a certain amount of comfort I take in knowing if I call up Barnes & Noble they can order me just about anything.

Or better yet I can order it myself on the Barnes & Noble website. At last the long awaited answer to the question that has been bothering me for some time--which is quicker the Barnes & Noble website or Drum roll please... if one chooses the standard shipping option, an order from Barnes & Noble will in fact arrive at least one day ahead of an order from The price of shipping isn't much different (if at all) and it doesn't matter much if you're like me and rarely make an order of books less than $25 which automatically guarantees free shipping.

Speed may not matter to you, but to me it means that the book that arrived on Tuesday (from Barnes & Noble) is now completely finished, I've moved on to a new book, and what arrived today from will have to wait.

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