Saturday, March 31, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

It seems like I have had wonderful plans for analytical posts for some time now and they just don't seem to be manifesting themselves--soon they will, I hope. Like I have said before I hope to post on the politics (and genius) of James Patterson, my recent annoyance with Orson Scott Card, and the "project" I have been working on that has required a great deal of reading of short stories. The sad part? The project has absolutely nothing to do with school, it's just one of those things that has been buggin' me, so why not?

By way of other sites and blogs, I'd like to point you all in the direction of this piece at The Washington Post about Emmett Till's family reviewing the final autopsy report. Till would be the young black boy that was brutally murdered in 1955 (the summer before Ms. Parks took her ride on the bus) in Mississippi for whistling at a white woman. I found this particularly interesting--mostly interesting that a family would find so much closure in an autopsy report. I would also like to point you in the direction of this particularly courageous act by the blogger at A Seattleite in Idaho. I don't read this blog, but when it popped up on Lefty Blogs, I thought a link to it would be appropriate. Definitely worth a minute.

Life here in Pocatello seems to be in a holding pattern. I was feeling quite well today, thoughtI was on the road to perfect health and hopeful that I would be back to classes and work on a regular basis quickly, but as I write this post the last couple of days are catching up to me and I think I need to slow down a little. I have just been catching things here and there and working a couple of hours in the afternoons on the Stallings papers, but I really look forward to getting back to a regular schedule. I need the structure.

Has anyone heard any more details on the reason Mel Watt was absent for the Iraq vote? I'm confused. How do you become indisposed inside the Capitol building while one of the most important votes of the year is taking place? I've always liked Mel Watt so I'm not jumping to conclusions, but come on...what's the story?

I'm not one for throwing in a plug for a particular product, but let me just say two of my favorite things in life are bubble gum and baseball caps. I got a new Braves hat with my brother last weekend and yesterday in the mail came this lovely brown Puma hat, but the product I am most happy with is the new flavor of Orbit gum--Mint Mojito. I love Orbit gum, I keep a stash in a cupboard in my kitchen and have always been pleased with their citrus kind (can't think of the name) and the traditional pink bubble gum kind (bubblemint?), but this new kind is WONDERFUL! It's refreshing, the first couple chews (quite possibly not a word) are zingy and your ears pop like the new lemon lime flavor does to you, but most of all after a few minutes you are just so content with the flavor you could be sitting on beach somewhere drinking a Mojito for all you know. The only down side to this gum, like most of the sweeter Orbit flavors, is there isn't enough gum base. Maybe it's the large quantity of sugars in the gum that do this to the gum base or maybe I just chew the gum for too long, but truly the gum base depletes long before the flavor. You would love to keep chewing the slimy, lifeless gum, yet you wonder if it will ever come out of your teeth.

Last, but not least, has anyone seen Ted Kennedy lately? I caught him on a evangelicals/immigration special and he is looking old... He has even lost some weight or at least his face looks like he has.

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