Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Apologies, Articles, & Afterthoughts

First and foremost I wish to apologize to d2 of 43rd State Blues for merely stating that the conflict taking place over there is simply "very interesting." I was out of my mind most of the weekend dealing with a plate full of problems and though I was watching curiously, amazed at how ridiculous the other party is behaving, I didn't mean to be so dispassionate and dismissive by calling the situation merely "very interesting."

Another apology of sorts is related to yesterday's YouTube post. I should have prefaced the video with some sort of explanation. Chris Hartwell lived next door to me in Burley when I was kid. My earliest memories of baseball are with the Hartwell boys. They are the reason I love the Atlanta Braves--otherwise I would have ended up a San Francisco Giants fan--and every year when baseball season rolls around I think of them. Chris went to George Washington University and was the intern director for Larry Craig for awhile (don't hold that against him). Now he is living in Utah with his new wife and continues to concentrate on his music. When I ran across that YouTube video I just had to share.

I finally tracked down this article by Richard Stallings on the broken promises of the legislative session. Take a look...

And by way of articles, I found this little piece by Bill Nye (yeah, the Science Guy) particularly funny. You know hitters are scared when they're having the Science Guy dissect the pitches of Daisuke Matsuzaka.

As an afterthought, maybe I should mention the chaos of the weekend and why my posts have been so random and vague these days. As a side effect or outcome of being so sick in February and March, my blood pressure hasn't played well with my eyes. My vision in my left eye with my glasses on is a measly 20/100 which from what I can tell isn't good at all. So, that lovely problem has caused some awful headaches. And I am forced to switch back and forth between contacts, glasses, reading glasses, or a combination of reading glasses and contacts. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon and I'll be a little less grouchy and a little more able to read without getting a headache the size of Texas. To top it all off I was up most of Saturday night dealing with our fire alarm because our self-cleaning oven was turned on without any ventilation... Needless to say, if I've come across a little irritable and, as a friend would say, "terse," I apologize.

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Jessica said...

Why do you have to apologize to D2?