Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ISU Responds to Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

In the wake of the tragic violence at Virginia Tech University, where more than 30 people were shot and killed by a lone gunman, Idaho State University would like to express sympathy for those touched by this traumatic event.

ASISU president Ryan Sargent is making arrangements for a vigil. This will allow the ISU community to publicly express its solidarity with its peers at Virginia Tech. Details will be publicized as soon as they are available.

We extend our thoughts and prayers to the Virginia Tech campus, as well as to the family and friends of those who have been touched by this violence. We join the nation in mourning the loss of innocent lives.

With Sympathy,
Dr. Arthur C. Vailas
President, Idaho State University
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To the Entire ISU Community:

In response to the tragedy at Virginia Tech, we want the Idaho State University community—faculty, staff and students—to be aware of several opportunities to assist in dealing with this situation and its aftermath, as well as support mechanisms that will be available.

First, on Monday night, April 16, 2007, at 7 p.m. in the Garrison-Turner dining hall, an open meeting will be held to discuss the issues and how ISU is responding. Staff from the Dean of Students’ Office, the Department of Housing, and the Counseling Center will be present to address concerns. In addition, the Counseling Center will make available over the next several days licensed counselors and psychologists to meet with faculty, staff, or students on an as-needed basis, regardless of time of day. The center’s number is (208) 282-2130 in Pocatello and (208) 282-7750 in Idaho Falls.
Further, ISU Public Safety, Pocatello Police, and Housing staff (both student and professional) will be making additional rounds and contacts both in residence halls and across campus.

Another initiative involves student leadership at ISU.

We also encourage anyone with concerns or questions about Idaho State University’s response, or suggestions for actions that may be needed, to call the Dean of Students’ office at (208) 282-2315, or the Office of Public Safety at (208) 282-2515.

Dr. Lee Krehbiel
Interim V.P. of Student Affairs

Steve Chatterton
Director of Public Safety

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